Resident Evil 6 inspired me

Metro - Hello again everybody.

After GC chose my Resident Evil 6 letter as part of its survival horror weekend, there was quite a bit of (pretty hostile) feedback in the Underbox regarding how little of the game I had played before making up my mind about it. The nature of the comments isn’t something I want to discuss here particularly, except to say that, from the way certain people were carrying on, you’d have thought I’d insulted their girlfriends and tipped their pints over their heads…

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Agent_hitman1906d ago

The PC version of that game sucks big time!. Too many bugs like long loading times, instant death after leon/chris cutscene etc. etc.

I dont know if there's already patch to fix that sh!t.

gantarat1906d ago

patch fix come 3 day ago.

Winter47th1906d ago

That was a well written article. Thank you for sharing it.

Kakmandu1906d ago

The Worst Resident evil game of all series, i not even finished that, no survival , Only Run, shoot, explosives, and monsters coming of nowhere like low budget Hollywood movie , shame for Capacom , they doing not for quality for quantity to sell, wtf? stupid mistake they betrayed fans.

FrostyZipper1906d ago

What about Operation Raccoon City? Or are you just referring to the main games?

prettyboy121906d ago

it inspired me too!!NOT TO GET THERE NEXT GAME!!!

rustyspoon801906d ago

Bu, bu, but, everyone wants to play Call of Duty, why dont they like our game. It's more like Call of Duty now. Play it.

Got mine at launch as it was cheaper, but so far I've only reached the final boss for Chris. It's terrible. Hopefully Leon's section is (slightly) better.

tigertron1906d ago

Leon and Ada's campaigns are the best. Chris and Jake's were just horrible.

Still, they're not that much better so don't get your hopes up.

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