Wii vs. N64 vs. GC: The First 16 Months Compared

One of the reasons cited by Nintendo for the Wii's lack of HD and processing power was that it would help developers create games on shorter time scales. So with this in mind TVGB decided to take a look at how Nintendo's software support for the Wii compares to their two previous consoles: the GameCube and the N64 during the first 16 months they were on sale.

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flappo3720d ago

unfortunately the wii is all about quantity NOT quality - software wise anyway - hardware wise it's the total opposite - it's arguably the weediest console ever made

apart from wii sports and resident evil 4 every other game i've played on the console has been utter dross

underpowered with shoddy video out the machine is easily the worst console i've used for years , i even prefer my 360 and that's a pile of noisy unreliable junk compared to the ps3 , which is the best by a light year

the problem with the wii is that it's built for the short term

unfortunately it lacks hd , only problem is every new tv IS hd , and the wii on an hd tv looks awful - even via component

then there's the lack of internal memory - once you've downloaded some games from the wii store the thing soon gets filled up

nintendo's answer ? wipe them off and re-download them

which isn't quite as easy as it looks ( google it and youtube it )

plus when you sell your wii since all the games you've downloaded are basically vaporware they add nothing to the value , also you can't trasnfer them to another wii as theyre tied to that machine

overall a poorly designed console designed for the short term and with too many intrinsic limitations for it to be a viable contendor in the next few years especially when everyone's new tv is hd and the wii just looks like total CRAP

it can't even support 720p - now that's just pathetic

CC3720d ago

While it is OK to compare the first 16 months of the three consoles, we can all admit that the N64 had the biggest "wow" factor (mario 64, waverace). Then comes the wii, with the new controls (everyone loved wii sports at first). However, the big time loser is the gamecube. Even though I have one, we can all admit that lunch pretty much s*cked...

desolationstorm3720d ago

I wouldnt say it was a big time loser at all. In what the article was talking about I loved my gc especially in its early stages. Melee, pikmin and animal crossing all stole lots of my time.

N64 though with mario kart 64 and goldeneye yeah it owned.

M_Prime3720d ago

i got my 64 late in the game and itw as MEH.. since i had a PSX N64 was really lack luster for me..

I had the GC a year into the lifetime when it was 99bux with teh ZELDA DISK and it was okay but every game i wanted to play was on the PS2 so i played a lot of my friend's PS2.. though MELEE was awsome..

I got my WII launch day and i love it.. best console i owned other then my SNES which probably stole more time then anything else..

but yeah the wii is prolly the over all winner in games.. if they inlculuded 3rd party games then it would be a definite winner.. sure it has some shovelware but then u get great games liek GODFATHER (controls kill it), GH3 and MOH:H2

n00dl3s3720d ago

wow lemme rewrite the article a bit.

N64- Nintendo still loved gamers.

Cube- Nintendo started a lovers quarrel but overall still had feelings for gamers.

Wii- Nintendo is found cheating on the gamers, and instead of feeling remorseful for it's adultery, it just laughs in the face of it's former lovers. As our tear soaked faces cry "Why Nintendo!? Why! We always loved you!", Nintendo laughs and licks a tear off our face, remarking casually that our agony tastes amazing. Nintendo then proceeds to kick us out of our own houses and laugh as it counts the money it got from it's new casual lover.

N64, the last truly great nintendo sys.

ChickeyCantor3720d ago sound emo...because just like emo's make up stuff and start believing in it.

really, get over yourself nintendo is still providing a Video game console. They never went after the " hardcore " their main goal was getting everyone involved with gaming...and thats what they are trying to do since the NES.

I suggest you look up the upcoming list, there is nothing wrong with the Wii.

n00dl3s3719d ago

Your comment makes me so angry, I'm going to go listen to My Chemical Romance while I cry and blog on my myspace. Then I'm going to take some awesome pictures at arms length of my with streaks of eye makeup running down my face! If I'm feeling saucy I might even find time to threaten to cut myself!

ChickeyCantor3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

meh, as long i get the games i want, i dont care how sales go.
Nintendo will make them anyway XD

jinn3719d ago

they all had one good game ever and that was SSB b4 that and after all the games sucked