Myth busted as gamers shown to be CD fans too

According to a new study from the research firm NPD Group, gamers who spend a considerable amount of time fragging friends in Halo or jumping around in Super Mario Galaxy actually spend more of their hard-earned cash on non-gaming entertainment like music CDs and DVDs than anything else.

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JsonHenry3505d ago

They did not include me in their test. Because I most certainly spend about 55-65% of my "play" money on PC games and PC hardware.

Z5013505d ago

"Console are for games, that's it"

BrianC62343505d ago

What will the Blu-ray haters say about this one? I'm one of those gamers who buys movie DVDs and music CDs. I believe in actually paying for what I want unlike a lot of people today. I don't buy as much music as I used to but I still buy some movies on DVD. If Blu-ray starts supporting the PSP feature Sony talked about I'll start buying Blu-rays too. I want a PSP version of movies to download to my PSP.

poopface13505d ago

but I dont usualy buy dvds anyways and music is pretty much free, unless I really want some songs that I cant find, then I buy the cd. I dont really buy that many games either, although I just bought ace combat 6 and a toadies cd. I probaly wont buy another cd or game untill GTA and NG2 come out, cause its time to start saving.