10 Things you Need to Know about Aliens: Colonial Marines

Gameplayer's print based publications - OXM and OPS - were privy to some behind the scenes time with Aliens: Colonial Marines, the exciting FPS based on James Cameron's brilliant film. This article covers the major points.

"But new intel has come to light. It's beginning to look like Aliens: Colonial Marines could defy all our expectations. It's better than bad, it's good – and here are ten reasons why… "

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TrevorPhillips3727d ago

another thing is missing from those top ten? online multiplayer :D. man i love the alien movies ive seen all parts and i cant wait for this game

marcellizot3727d ago

I can't wait for this one. It sounds like they are really taking it seriously which is great. I am a bit of an obsessive about the Alien franchise so I have my fingers crossed that this will be great.

Anyone remember the Alien FPS that was released on the PS1. A flawed but brilliant game I reckon. I certainly had a great time playing it.

SlappingOysters3727d ago

So much potential here. Co-op would be pretty rad too. One man on radar, the other on gun - imagine the stuff you would be shouting down your headset!

MK_Red3727d ago

Loved the face huggers part. Classic.
Can't wait for this game. It has potential to replace Riddick is as the best movie based game ever.

Eclipticus3727d ago

that will be tough to do. especially with the memories of all the bad aliens games that came before.

SlappingOysters3727d ago

Aliens versus Predator were awesome games!

supaflypriest13727d ago

I'm more pumped up about this game than Gears of War 2!