The case of the missing Xbox -- LIVE replaces XBOX LIVE?

One GamerNode writer noticed that with this week's Live-enabled games, the usual "XBOX LIVE" logo on the box was replaced by the solitary "LIVE". Is this a sign of Microsoft taking Live on the PC and Zune more seriously, by phasing the Xbox name out of the service?

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HarryEtTubMan3660d ago

THRE IS GONNA BE A ea/microsft merger. its coming. bastards

Mr Playboy3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )


Today you said something smart, something belong to a retarded person just like you

caffman3660d ago

and he can't spell THERE

iAmPS33660d ago

Xbots are screwed.

Play B3yond3660d ago

"Xbox Live" or plain "Live"...theres no difference there both sh!tty

Spinitus3659d ago

ummmm the 1st thing that came to my head after reading that paragraph was nba "live".this ea/m$ could happen.

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TheHater3660d ago

This just could just be a misprint
or I could be wrong.

Scottama3660d ago

A misprint? *shakes head*

Bloodwar3659d ago

Depending on how you look at it, integrating Live into the mobile market could be pretty neat. Check your Live account over your cellphone to see who is playing, whether they are playing a PC game or 360 game. How about this. Using your widescreen cellphone screens to play in the game with the others. Perhaps the processing power of a cellphone may not be able to handle all of the graphical horse power of the 360 game but imagine having an overhead map in the game and you use a pointer and tell where the troops must go next. You tell em via your cellphone headset as well as point on the map where they are to go. In game, they will see your commands in real time. You play as the commander, they are the troopers. Way cool. Mobile Commander. Not possible? Cellphone networks in America have room for improvement and once they are as fast as European or Asian cellphone networks, the scenerio I just mentioned could be very real.

Mr Playboy3660d ago

Maybe they will bring second life to xboxlive for free just like Home or maybe we can play with the PC users

Sayai jin3660d ago

You do understand the Xbox Live and home on not the same. Home will be a virtual Sim world. I think I understand what you were trying to say though.

Mr Playboy3660d ago

I Think there were a rumors about bringing second life to xboxlive but, I'm not sure about that,anyway, time will tell

BTW I didn't disagree with you

SL1M DADDY3660d ago

No, that was definitely a rumor. As for the logo above, it's more than likely a move in conjunction with MS bring Live to mobile phones and the PC. Nothing to get excited about.

Sayai jin3660d ago

No prob Mr Playboy. People who disagree without saying why does not mean much. Most of the time it means they just do not like what you said, but have nothing to back their claims. Yeah I heard the same thing on the web. We will have to wait and see.

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