PSM3: Battlefield: Bad Company Preview - "PS3 might be receiving its first serious challenger to COD 4's crown"

PSM3 via CVG writes: "As we live in a world where you can blast pretty much anything to bits if you aim enough high-powered weaponry at it, we're pleased that Battlefield: Bad Company follows the same rules of engagement.

Houses, vehicles, trees and even massive chunks of land can be destroyed thanks to the potentially superb Frostbite graphics engine, built especially for this game. This means you can hop in a tank and cut a path through dense forests - pinging trees out from the ground as you go - or blow a hole in the side of a building to create an emergency entrance/exit. The possibilities are endless. Coming from DICE - the daddies of war-based FPSs on PC - PS3 might be receiving its first serious challenger to Call Of Duty 4's crown."

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SUP3R3752d ago

Definitely looking forward to this one.
It looks like it might slowly catch on after reviews and word of mouth spreads cuz it looks and sounds great.
I just wanna blow shi* up!

iHEARTboobs3752d ago

I want to check it out. Sounds really cool. I like the idea of being able to chauffeur your team around in a tank. NICE!

Diugu3751d ago

Mouse and Keyboard support? Please? Pleeease?

tidus0073751d ago

PS3 please have mercy on your DEFECTIVE and LOW POWERED competition

console war ends on 12 th JUNE worldwide