Next-Gen.Biz - Interview: Xbox's Gloves Come Off

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "In this Next-Gen interview, Xbox 360 group product manager Aaron Greenberg shrugs off Blu-ray, explains why we still have a hard drive-less Xbox 360 SKU, and fires a shot or two back at recent comments made by Sony.

With US NPD sales figures coming out on Thursday, the most urgent of those issues for Microsoft is Xbox 360 supply. One analyst said this week that the Xbox 360 shortages reported in January have now been addressed, and the console is in ample supply.

But Greenberg disagrees, saying that Xbox 360 is still tough to find, adding that the PS3 likely outsold the console for the second month in a row in February. "Our expectation is that because of our shortages at retail during February, we will sell less than PS3," he says. "That's not a surprise to us. I don't know what Sony's reaction will be to that, but it will definitely be a bit of a hollow victory. The competition sure didn't show up [in February]."

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HarryEtTubMan3561d ago

omg what scum bag liars. The cut the price because they are losing and try to say its a hollow victory hahahahahah WHY CUT PRICES WITH DEMAND SO HIGH YOU ARE SHORT IN SUPPLY MICROSFT??? WHEN CONSOLE IS 255$ AND WAY CHEAPER ALREADY??? See BOTS. Microsft is fvcking PATHETIC. He is LIEING through his teeth because Sony won again. Sersiouly LAME. Sony just took it on the chin and hid while losing. Now Microsft cuts prices while getting owned wihle at the same time blaming them losing on "shortages" and whatever Sony says.... they will be celebrating a "hollow victory" When demand is high u dont cut prices.... wow its such a blatant lie... and just the fact that 360's are EVERYWHERE. Available all over the web... my bestbut, target... even walmar. Microsft want to pretend Sony isnt coming back already and winning. WHAT PATHETIC LOSERS.

You should be ashamed BOTS. Please leave the dark side before these idiots buy out EA and ruin gaming forever.

CaliGamer3561d ago

Very optimistic guy, MS should be proud to have him on their payroll. And judging by his husky frame he seems to enjoy a lot of pork, good for him.

MURKERR3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

he really believes what he is saying himself

the console war has just heated up the big guns(games) are locked and loaded fight the battle in the trenches and leave the hollow excuses back at base

how after two years of being on the market, getting the components down in price, not selling as much as previous years(which is a fact each year sales have dramatically reduced for the 360) can you all of a sudden have shortage?its not a new console its not suddenly started selling more its quite the opposite so how can there be shortages just because your now being outsold?

please just because we play games, dont try and play us we are not niave

SUP3R3561d ago

I completely agree.
I don't understand how all of a sudden the 360 is in short supply when none of the retailers are claiming that it is.
Only Microsoft is claiming there are shortages, yet you can purchase the console everywhere.
If this is some sort of marketing tactic to make it look like the 360 is in high demand when it actually isn't, then it's not working and they're not fooling anyone but themselves and their loyal followers.

Britjadg3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

you gotta give the guy some credit - there are some good points in here. not convinced by certain things however and some things are just plain spin.

i dont understand why you would initiate a price cut if the console is in high demand? that blatently goes against everything we've been taugh on supply and demand.

secondly the comments aimed @ sony's blu-ray. he says that you buy a console for its games - not for its media player and that that should be a red flag for sony. later on however he contradicts this by saying a certain proportion of LIVE users are willing to pay online services solely for messenging and movie rental. plus i'm not entirely convinced @ the comments for getting involved with HD format war in the first place. i doubt the market has changed all that much. if anything its more consumerable. (if thats a word?)

i know its not entirely the same thing, but i think more than a few people will read that article and go...."meh". bottom line is that its a reasonably good interview.

SL1M DADDY3561d ago

Does anybody else see Microsoft’s game division sinking into the same arrogant behavior that Sony fell into towards the middle of the PS2’s lifetime?

I feel that they have become arrogant in their thinking so much so that they never mention their issues with the RROD and other such failures. They base their success on their games yet have more shovelware than the PS3 and continue to fight for genres that do not broaden their horizons.

I love playing my 360 but despite all that the game division at MS has offered, I am still peeved about the failure rates and have gone through way too many 360’s to be as ambitious in my thinking as this guy in the interview. It would seem better to me that they climb down off of their soap box and begin fixing their problems before further attempting to “gain market share” on Sony.

Ashton3561d ago

the only difference is that PS2 had around 50 million users by then,but 360 has only around 17.7 million users.

They are actully acting worse than Sony ,,cause sony had much more fan base at that time .When you have 17.7 million fan base and act like sony when they had 50 mill fan base, is just plain arrogant.

ikkokucrisis3561d ago

What this guy doesn't realize is a Happy Meal a day won't keep the PS3's from going away...

Ashton3561d ago

that was hilarious man,,,,nice one

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