Nintendo needs to relaunch the Wii U writes:

The Wii U is in a predicament right now. In a previous article I went into detail about the woes of the Wii U during the launch window. Although games such as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Lego City: Undercover have helped the Wii U in the past week, it is still not out of the dark waters. Nintendo should not be complacent, the Wii U is still young, and there is much work to do.

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snipermk01847d ago

re-launch the wii u? Isnt that like buying a cake in the weekend and re-celebrating ur birthday just cos you've got no friends?

Donnieboi1847d ago

Yes it is. That's exactly what it's snipermk0 said.

DivineAssault 1847d ago

not happening but it does need 2

3-4-51847d ago

You don't / can't re-launch something.

You just up the advertising...

it's the same thing.

darthv721847d ago

Sega relaunched the master system after a couple of years. they did it to coincide with the revised design and new games that were being made for it.

They took the opportunity to do this while the genesis was picking up in popularity. Now that is one example of how a system can be relaunched.

Another is when Atari tried to relaunch the 2600 after nintendo/Sega had already been on the market. That launch wasnt as successful because the gamers had moved on from the 2600 days and atari was hoping to cash in on nostalgia.

As for nintendo, they just need to market it better. Take the wii out of production as it conflicts with the wii-u. the wii-u can play all the same wii games and if nintendo wants to push wii-u....that would be a start.

We know there are games coming for it. But coming for it and being out and available are two different things. Obviously they wanted to release the system when it was ready and from the hardware side it was ready. The software unfortunately, was not.

RAFFwaff1847d ago

It doesn't need a relaunch, it needs games and preferably AAA first-party. I mean, even if alot of (casual) gamers still are ignorant of the wii U as a new console, the best way to remedy that is an amazing advert of say a new 3d mario or zelda which makes ordinary people, families, parents sit up and take notice with the realization that you can only play it on nintendo's NEW console. In essence, in order to play this amazing game, they have to purchase the console.

jimbobwahey1847d ago

I think people realized with the Wii that it's just not worth owning a Nintendo console for one worthwhile game per year, and that's if you're lucky.

Nintendo just isn't willing to spend the cash on expanding their studios and ensuring that they have a regular output of decent software for their customers, so screw 'em.

Sony and Microsoft make sure that their customers have games to play, Nintendo doesn't. They make their money off the hardware sale and just don't care about their customers at all. They'll put out a decent game once a year (or every couple of years...) and that's it.

Take the Wii U for example, what's their big game for 2013? Wind Waker. A quick remake of a freakin' GameCube game. If I had spent money on a Wii U I would be furious, and I'd sell it as fast as possible to recoup lost money and spend it on a real console instead.

Until Nintendo spends some of that money they've made to expand and open new studios to make games for their customers, I say screw 'em. Anybody that defends this company is a mug.

insomnium21847d ago

I kinda agree but I would put MS right there with Nintendo. How much have they expanded and put decent software out to people? It's been nothing but Kinect after 2009. smh.

jimbobwahey1847d ago


Well in the past six months Microsoft have given their customers Forza Horizon, Halo 4 and Gears of War Judgement. Those are just major AAA retail exclusives, and on XBLA there's more big exclusives such as Battleblock Theater, Monaco and the upcoming Super Time Force.

I'd say that's one incredibly impressive exclusive lineup. Sony also has a great software lineup too. What's Nintendo giving their customers? Ports of old PS3/360 games. It's pathetic.

Ck1x1847d ago

Lol your trying way to hard man... Oh wow!
So Nintendo never brings out any games for their systems right and I guess that's why the 3ds line-up of games desroys the Vita's. So I'm assuming that you said the very same thing about the PS3 when it launched as well, because it didn't have that must have exclusive title until Uncharted 1 came out... Just like the PS4 has a lackluster line-up from what we know so far(at least to me that is). Many are going nuts over Killzone, but it just wasn't doing anything new really besides prettier graphics. Nintendo has probably just as many active game studios as both Sony and Microsoft does so I don't know what your angle is there.

The 10th Rider1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )


Lol,I agree with your point to a certain extent...but the overall tone of your comment is ridiculous. The Wii U's big game this year is Wind Waker HD? That's ridiculous.

Have you looked at what's the Wii U has coming? It's not just Wind Waker HD. They've got Pikmin 3, the Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, whatever the heck Retro Studios is working on, a 3D Mario game, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Monolith Soft's new game, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, and an original Zelda game all coming in the next three years. That's definitely more than one worthwhile game per year.

I hope that Nintendo realized their mistakes with their lack of Wii support. But I realize that a lack of games can't be fixed instantaneously, game development takes time. I'm hoping that they fix their mistakes, but I also know that it'd be a year or more until any of their efforts start to pay off.

truechainz1847d ago

Funny how many idiots with a keyboard think they can run a multi-million dollar corp better than people who do now, and say stuff like, "Anybody that defends this company is a mug."

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TimeSkipLuffy1847d ago

Actually I think that those games won't help to sell the WiiU to the broad audience.
Simple games like Wii Sports and easy mini games were the reasons why I've seen elder people buy the Wii to start with.
Now why should they buy a new console when they can still play Wii Sports on the old Wii?

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1847d ago

Wii's advertisement was great.

I think Nintendo needs to go back to that simpler style and dump all of the unnecessary blue lights.

They just need to have a guy say in a plain voice, "This is our new product WiiU and if you like the Wii..."

Then go back to showing families/people enjoying all of the WiiU's Abilities in real-looking houses.

MasterCornholio1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

How did Nintendo go from ads like this?

Which show a group of friends/family etc playing the Wii U together and having a great time.

To this.


While it still has the group of friends/family vibe the issue with the ads is that there is only one Wii U controller. Seriously how cool is it that you can only use one tablet controller with the device while the rest are stuck with gaming with Wii Motes. In my opinion it doesnt make any sense at all since it ruins the experience that all players share with each other due to only one of them able to use the tablet controller.

In my opinion Wii U isnt about playing a cool game and sharing the experience with your friends. Its about gaming by yourself with the controller while you show it off to your friends. And if they behave well you let them experience the fruits of Nintendos innovative controller design.

"Then go back to showing families/people enjoying all of the WiiU's Abilities in real-looking houses."

Yep and show all of them gaming on Wii U tablet controllers and at the end of the video announce an update that will bring multiple Wii U controller support to the system. That would be fantastic even though the controller is expensive at least it gives consumers the option to enjoy games together with the same type of controller.


I dont know about Reggie (even though i feel like pouring acid all over his face) but didnt Iwata say that if Nintendo posts a loss at the end of their fiscal quarter he would leave the company?

rainslacker1847d ago

At least it's truth in advertising. On launch day I had people over and that's exactly how it went. We passed around the tablet controller, and honestly I became increasingly frustrated in just getting a game started with all the different controllers(1 tablet, 2 wii-motes, 1 pro controller). People weren't really excited over the wii-motes, and the pro controller didn't work in 2 of the 4 games I purchased. Nothing about the implementation of the tablet sold the idea of it to me, except maybe that hide and seek game in NintendoLand. Lego City has some cool stuff on it, but that came 4 months later.

Anyhow, they really should work on that a bit more. I still feel like advertisements make it seem like an add-on just because most have all the other controllers in the mix. Show the games, and spend less time on it's controller, because people aren't really that keen on the idea it seems.

majiebeast1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

So anyone wanna take this bet?
Iwata and Reggie are both gonna resign April 24th. Things cant continue the way they are now for wiiU, no developer support consumer confusion and a massive lack of games in general are killing it.

Y_51501847d ago

If you lose this bet, you buy me a Wii U, deal?

r211847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

What, why April 24th?

Edit: Ok, majie pm'd me this, 'Ending of the fiscal year with the Nintendo meeting.'

In case anyone else wondering the same question i asked.

FunAndGun1847d ago

I was wondering....thanks for sharing the answer.

LOL_WUT1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Surely Iwata has to give... I mean come on, he's been doing nothing bad business decisions.

Not securing exclusive games, lack of 3rd party software, leaving their fans to play rehashes of old ports and failing to sell more Wii U's the list just goes on. ;)

1upgamer991847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

I doubt that is going to happen. Nintendo signed on all new graphics designers and Retro has developed a new game engine for Wii U. Wii U is lacking 1st party games right now and proper marketing. I think this E3 we will see what Nintendo has been up to, but I think Nintendo should have had a better 1st party line up at launch. I mean yeah NSMB is a great game and Nintendoland is underrated, but a SSB, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Zelda (even if it would have been Wind Waker HD), Starfox, Eternal Darkness (They renewed the IP), Kirby, Mario Kart, FZero, Hell anything would have added to the appeal of the system.
I think Wii U is great,and I cant wait to see how the new game engine runs that Retro developed. I know PS4 is coming and cant wait, but power is not everything, common Nintendo its all about the games. As far as losing their jobs is concerned it should be the MARKETING team.

rainslacker1847d ago

I doubt that's going to happen. One weak console launch isn't going to have shareholders calling for their resignation. They still have the 3DS, which admittedly had a weak launch, but they are coming off a high from the Wii's success. If this whole thing continues on through next year, then maybe we could see something like that. One would expect them to turn it around by then.

Donnieboi1847d ago

Iwata won't be missed. Whoever is managing the portables division should replace him.

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