Next-Gen.Biz: EA Sports - It's Time For Change

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "Peter Moore wants to change things at EA Sports. I mean, he wants to actually change things. Sports fans don't like change. We like things the way they are. It's time for Colin Campbell to go see this Moore fellow and find out what the hell is going on.

"When I started here there were a number of things I was concerned about," he says. "We immediately kicked off a brand audit all over the world. What did people think of 'It's In the Game'? Did it sound too American in other countries? Does it make the games seem too complicated? Do we need to soften our image? I wanted us to think long and hard about 'It's In the Game'.

Moore is an admirer of Nintendo's work with games like Wii Sports. "There is less of an emphasis on graphics, less of an emphasis on depth and immersion and intensity which we've usually lived by these last few years. We've got to be able to get that consumer interested in EA Sports, otherwise we'll be stuck in a very large niche, which is the sports gamer. We've got to break out and attract the sports fan, and that will be the secret to our growth."

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FCOLitsjustagame3510d ago

"Sports fans don’t like change"... man I hope that was sarcasm. Because they definitly need change, people have been screaming about it for years... but what is talked about in the summary above does not make it sound like it will be GOOD change. Hopefully the full article will give me more hope, when I get around to reading it.

decapitator3510d ago

Dude, you are definitely right. I am ready for change but definitely not the 'CHANGE' EA will be bringing to the table. I really hope he was been sarcastic.

Ugh, I feel my days of sports gaming maybe coming to an end.

RealityCheck3510d ago

Agreed that it doesn't sound like GOOD changes. He was impressed with Wii sports because they stuck with lesser graphics and simple gameplay. Ouch, my head hurts just processing that and thinking of the implications - Madden Sims 09? Ouch.

marinelife93510d ago

I haven't played Madden or Nascar for years now. And I will continue to stay away from them until EA gets some competition.

The Lazy One3510d ago

I'd imagine the change he's talking about when he says "...don't like change" is more along the lines of fundamental changes. Things like the way you pass the ball in a football game or bending rules of the game/making it less realistic etc.

Changes like technological changes (Increasing graphics, physics, AI, etc.) he's more than likely all for.

It's nice to know that he's actually aware that there are issues with the company in the public eye. At least give him that.

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cheetorb3510d ago

How about giving us another camera angle to choose from. One where I can see what's around me and that doesn't make me wanna puke after playing for 15min.

donscrillinger3510d ago

hopefully he will make madden way more realistic sim .true to life control to wat happends on the field and not arcady like it is should look just like tv on the 360 and ps3 but it doesn't its very arcady...where are the refs at on the field ,man its just so much missing from madden 08 on the 360 and ps3 its just crazy that this is case cuz e.a. has been making football games for 20 years now!!!!!!!!!!!!!its like they just threw together some ideals , and tried to make it work but it doesn't make matters worse they got the nfl for another 5 years .BS!!!!!!!!!!!!cuz for the past 3 years one the 360 its been the same wack azz arcady game .but this year they gave it college control ,how wack is that its just not real peter moore .i just don't understand ,e.a. has film from espn,the nfl,and these guys still brought us an arcady azz football on the 360 and ps3 .straight LAME YO .LAME......

PopEmUp3510d ago

mean by changing is trying to say acquiring more company so that it can be monopoly in the category of sport but however that can never be possible since sony and konami have those in their bank as well

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