Newsweek: The George Miller Interview, Part II - More on Mad Max the videogame

Newsweek writes: "In Part I of our two-part Q&A with Australian writer-director-producer George Miller, he discussed why he wanted to step up his level of involvement in videogames; how he met Cory Barlog; and what areas of common ground he sees between the two media. In Part II, Miller explains why he's starting work on the Mad Max videogame long before the movie goes into production; why he believes the game will benefit from his longtime process of workshopping new creative endeavors; and whether he'll be seeking a leadership role on the videogames for all of his future movie projects."

Q: Do you already know the first game project that you and Cory will be working on?

A: Well, the first one will be a "Mad Max" game. Because what happened was, we were all ready to go, within eleven weeks of shooting the next "Mad Max" movie, "Fury Road." This was way back when the war in Iraq started, and that really threw this out for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which was that the American dollar crashed against the Australian dollar. And apart from that, just insurances, getting vehicles and stuff there on container ships--all that slowed down around the world. So we had to move on to "Happy Feet," because that was going to take a long time.

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Cyrus3653510d ago

Interesting risk to take to halt production on a multi-million dollar movie, to sync up a game so that it works in tandem with the movie?

Not to mention Mel Gibson ain't getting any younger, but hell if Harrison Ford can do it, so can Mel I guess.