“Best of PlayStation Network Vol. 1″ Coming to PS4, Not PS3

The recently discovered "Best of" bundle for some of the top PlayStation Network titles released during the PlayStation 3 lifecycle are being reported as new releases rated by the ESRB for a PS3 digital bundle, however digital sales bundles typically do not require a new ESRB rating - leading RealGamerNewz to expect this release to come to the PlayStation 4 rather than the PlayStation 3.

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Garethvk1845d ago

You have to wonder if they are moving up the date as to when they will not be supporting the PS 3 with anything other than A List titles.

Rearden1845d ago

Oh they'll be supporting the PS3 for a while after the PS4 is out.

Garethvk1845d ago

I a not doubting that, what I meant was that only certain titles will come for the PS 3 such A list titles will likely have a PS 4 and PS 3 version for a year or two but the more casual stuff may fall by the wayside.

cloud4951845d ago

I rather have the collection on Vita.

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