Rumor: New Mewtwo Form Leaked, Will Possibly Appear in Pokemon X, Y

GXC: "Coming as a surprise to no one, the Pokemon films continue to move forward, with the newest release starring the legendary Pokemon of Black and White – Genesect – and a throwback to the first generation – Mewtwo. However, with Pokemon X/Y releasing this coming fall, fans of the series should keep their eyes peeled for new Pokemon in this coming film."

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dboi7871147d ago

Usually dig the new forms. This time, however, not so much. What makes matters worse is Mewtwo is my favorite Pokemon of all time, and they did this to him.

Snookies121147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

I dunno, I think it looks better than a lot of the newer generation Pokemon... Most have been REALLY uninspired. Then again, all we get is really a half body shot. We'll have to see the full thing to give an accurate judgement.

dboi7871147d ago

Agreed, so far the only thing I'm not liking is that tail head. Looks so weird on Mewtwo.

MaxXAttaxX1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

One would think that a new Mewtwo form would look even more badass... not less :/

Well at least it's fake

CaptainSheep1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Someone on Facebook says the Mewtwo is fake, and here's the proof. The new form is just a shopped version of this:
IDK who to believe. x___x

LAWSON721147d ago

Ya this is fake that new mewtwo looks to similiar to that photo

cloud4951147d ago

I'm not very fond of the new "Mew-three".
Hope it's just a hoax.

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