Just Cause 2 Update

Gameplayer has an article up for Just Cause 2, now expected as early as August, which talks about the changes to the gameplay and includes some screenshots.

"Just Cause 2 could be the ultimate summer vacation as early as this August."

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Skerj3725d ago

Wow August eh? I should be out of my Metal Gear coma by then, I'll be getting it if they improved upon the shortcomings of the first for sure.

SlappingOysters3725d ago

I liked the first one, but it had a lot of issues. I think going for 'take down a dictator in a tropical jungle' as a setting is lame for round 2. Why not go somewhere else, and do something else.

Maybe they are just trying to get the first game right

Skerj3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

It's not a dictator anymore, it's your boss from the first one that you have to take down now so that in itself is more interesting than the first game's plot. Moreso for me because he irritated the hell out of my in the first game with his cookie cutter "boss" attitude and character development (see: none). Somehow that article failed to mention that, and I don't know why since it's an important plot device.

Also the devs said the island for JC2 has more varied environments than the first game from jungles, to deserts, to snowy mountains. I can't wait to see how it all pans out in the end. I'll be happy if all the damn settlements don't look the same with like 2 major cities as in the original Just Cause. That was the weak point when it came to the game's graphics (on 360 and PC that is), because it's MASSIVE and anything you saw you could get to which was something fresh.

One of the most absurd and outlandish features in the first game, the highly improbable stunt system became something integral to gameplay after a while. You seem to put the idea that the protagonist is jumping through helicopter blades unscathed in order to jack it out of your head when you REALLY need to get that vehicle. I hope they didn't make it more realistic in part 2 and made it even more off the wall because it truly set JC apart from other open world games.

SlappingOysters3725d ago

I stand corrected... well sit actually, but yeah...

n00dl3s3725d ago

I liked the first one. It has some really cool elements I had never seen before. If they take it's minor shortcomings, and fix them, then w00t for JC2!

God of Gaming3725d ago

I enjoyed the first one for what it was. They need to tighten up many areas in order for me to buy Just Cause 2. I will wait for impressions otherwise it will be another solid rental.

Mike134nl3725d ago

I hope they take the time to get all the bugs out

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