Why the next Xbox doesn’t need a new controller

Ben Salter of MMGN: Nintendo slapped control sticks on a tablet. Sony jammed a ridiculous touchpad into its 16-year-old controller. Microsoft will, by all reports, ignore all of that nonsense and rehash its perfectly serviceable Xbox 360 controller for the next generation.

That’s totally fine. I’m actually happy to hear it and here’s why:

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Snookies121637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

"Sony jammed a ridiculous touchpad into its 16-year-old controller".

Obviously the writer of this article didn't care to see the other features that are good about the DS4. The fact that the triggers are now curved up slightly (not nearly as much as the 360's thank goodness), it has convex AND concave analog sticks, color coded light for which controller is which, the "share" button, which is probably my favorite thing about it, and a redone more Vita-like D-pad. It looks to be an all around improvement. If you're trying to say the 360 controller needs NOTHING to be improved, you're wrong. The 360 controller is good, don't get me wrong, but nowhere near perfect. If Microsoft doesn't even try to improve it, that'll just show me that they're not trying hard enough.

Y_51501637d ago

I agree with you, they can at least improve the D-pad. People might be disagree with you for numerous reasons. The share button has so much potential but instead the uninformed would think it's just for sharing stuff on Facebook, it's way more than that.

iGAM3R-VIII1636d ago

Agreed, personally I think Sony's DS4 controller is sexy and I cannnot wait until E3 to hold it and get some demos from it. I also think that the touchpad is an amazing new feature and if we are advancing in technology, why not advance the controller

Blackdeath_6631636d ago

also the battery pack that presses against your fingers needs to be gone actually just two days ago i went to a friends house to play fifa, we tried to turn it on what happened? no batteries and we had to go out and buy AA batteries. my reaction "are you f***ing kidding me". that is one area that certainly has to improve other than that i was actually impressed by how comfortable it was the d-pad is annoying as hell though and when playing fifa the tactics menu kept showing up which was irritating.

3-4-51636d ago

Controller is nearly perfect as is.

A controller has never fit better in my hands.

AngelicIceDiamond1636d ago

@Y_5150 either way if MS even thought about doing something similar like the social button or anything of that nature people would say "MS is copying" and defend what Sony's doing.

If it was MS say who showcased their next gen first instead and had a share feature on its controller people would bash, make fun of it, offend it, and say MS is losing focus with social and media.

It would be a totally different story.

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konnerbllb1637d ago

I don't have a problem with the 360's triggers, they are concave, like triggers in fighter jets are. The ps3/4 doesn't have traditional triggers and I think it should.

Snookies121637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Well to be honest, I liked the 360's triggers at first. However, when a moment in gaming comes up that requires you to repeatedly press it as fast as you can... It gave me the absolute worst hand cramp I've ever had. The sharp upwards curve mixed with the amount of tension that needs to be applied to press it can be a real problem. That's why I'm optimistic about the DualShock4's approach which gives a bit of a curve instead of a whole lot. It goes for the middle ground, which is what I personally was hoping for in a console controller. The PS3 I will agree with. Its triggers weren't good at all, your finger would slip right off. However, if you look at the DS4, it clearly gives a curve at the end to prevent that.

sengoku1636d ago

that's exactly just whats with the x360 guys.
a trigger needs to be exactly like the ones in fighter jets and that's what they always should be compared to and be like.

well it might be good for fight sims or the like but those buttons should just a nicely fit into other games in which there might be goals another shooting and blowing up stuff.

unchartedxplorer1636d ago

Yeah maybe we should have an ejector seat with the controller, just like the fighter jets.
Oh and flares as well!

xPhearR3dx1637d ago

TBH, the only thing the 360 controller needs to fix is the D-pad. Everything else is perfect for me. All though, maybe some sort of grip on the triggers could be nice.

Snookies121637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Yeah, the main issue I have with the 360 controller is the D-pad. Everything else I'm pretty okay with. I just think that they shouldn't just be "okay" with their controller. Always try to improve, even if you "think" you've found perfection. That's what I want from a company if I'm going to buy their product. Which is why I'm a little concerned about Microsoft, if they end up not redesigning their controller even a little bit.

MikeMyers1636d ago

Not sure how good the controller was when they updated it with the spin style d-pad but the original wasn't that good.

They do need to update the controller but keep it fairly consistent with the original 360. I expect a few more tweaks and perhaps some new type of function. What I would like to see is some more personalization where you can apply whatever button you want for any game. Meaning if a game has the A button for jump I can make it so that every game I play makes the A button the jump button. I hate it when the developer forces button placements. I would also like to see it be linked to your account. Meaning nobody else can use my controller, don't touch! Just like don't touch my seat settings on my car.

MYSTERIO3601636d ago

So you like having to switching battery's and having to get rechargeable ones? As for me no sir-ry i've had my fun /s and don't want to deal with it again next gen. Plus i think it needs some sort of grip on it like the DS4.

Why o why1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

d pad and batteries. Everything else is fine

[email protected] domination below regarding the madcatz lookalike. ...I hear ya. A sony pad that doesnt have that 'SONY' printed above the start and select just looks 3rdpartyish... I'm hoping they sneak it on there

MikeMyers1636d ago

"So you like having to switching battery's and having to get rechargeable ones?"

I don't like having to pay for extra batteries but it is really convenient to simply put in another pack or batteries and keep playing wireless. I imagine they will have rechargeable built-in like everyone else now.

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DOMination-1636d ago

I must admit, I thought the DS4 looked like a cheap madcatz controller when I first saw it, but is has grown on me. I like it, but I have to say, that share button is kinda useless. Oh, don't get me wrong, I love the features it provides, but why not just have the PS button and choose it from a menu? Does it really need it's own button? It's like having a button for turning subtitles on and off. Yeah it's kinda nice but it's not a big deal that I just pause and go into a menu. It just feels redundant.. if they were gonna add another button, it would have better having an additional button that can be used in proper gameplay..

As for the 360 controller.. if it stayed the same I honestly wouldn't be too disappointed. It's a very good controller with the exception of the dpad. But as with everyone else, I'm always excited to see new stuff so I hope they change it up a bit.

hesido1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Sharing through the menu would also be sufficient for most cases.

That said, marketing-wise, it conveys the idea so much better, that being able to share your gaming moments is one of the under-lined features. Less people would be talking about the ability to share your game videos online if they just went: "Hey, you can push the PS button, select share -> select screenshot / video to share your screenshots / videos". The button underscores this feature so well.

Non-marketing wise: The button could be preconfigured to do screenshots, or simply start a video relay etc etc. Maybe press-and-hold would differ from a single press, marking the start of a video for storing a longer play than the last 5-10 minutes) which may be better for cases when you are playing multiplayer and don't want to fiddle though menus.

Also, it is not like it gets in the way, nor is it in a place that you could accidentally press it. It is also not in a place that you would want to be constantly pushing for gameplay, so we cannot say how it would be better if that space was used for in-game related tasks.

dedicatedtogamers1636d ago

Am I the only one who remembers the 360 crowd bashing the DualShock 3 because "Sony never updates their controllers"? Hahahha, but now it's a good thing when MS does it?

I miss what they did with the Xbox. Microsoft had multiple sizes of controllers, and that was really cool. They should go back to that.

Blaze9291636d ago

lol multiple sizes? They only had two bruh...

Nafon1636d ago

The share button is your favorite feature? wow. and those curved triggers help keep your fingers on

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aaron58291636d ago

I dont think i'm ready to game without controllers.

GribbleGrunger1636d ago

Because the recent rumours suggests it hasn't got a new controller and the author of this piece wants to play his hand early?

MasterCornholio1636d ago

The DPAD is garbage on the 360 controller. That in my opinion needs to change.

Even though I don't like the positioning of the analog sticks it isn't a design flaw just a preference issue.

Motorola RAZR i

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