Newsweek: The George Miller Interview, Part I - Cory Barlog first game revealed to be 'Max Max'

Newsweek writes: "After a few weeks of mutually-instigated international phone tag, spanning mid-December to mid-January, we finally caught up with writer-director-producer George Miller. Our mission: to get his take on how he'd come to be mobbed up with God of War II director Cory Barlog. And, more importantly, what they would be working on first? Could it be a "Justice League of America" game, set to tie in with the movie which had been put on hold because of the writers' strike? A "Babe: Pig In the City" game for Nintendo's still-sizzling Wii? The answer, when it was revealed, still managed to thrill despite the nonchalance of Miller's delivery: "Well, the first one will be a 'Mad Max' game."

An interactive "Mad Max" epic? With Cory Barlog at the helm? Game, set, match. Or at least that's what legions of fanboys will be thinking--until they remember that licensed games are often less than stellar. But quite aside from the talent involved, our interview with Miller reveals not only the appropriate measure of respect for the medium, but also an understanding of the need to give this game the time it needs in order for it to be good or even great. In Part I of our Q&A, Miller explains how he became interested in working on videogames; the differences and similarities between action sequences and action games; and what it was like watching Barlog play God of War II in their agent's offices at CAA."

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Cyrus3653689d ago

Interesting a Mad Max game could be really cool done right, and Corey would be the proper guy to do it, but who's the studio that'd be working with him, etc.

warpbackspin3689d ago

Wow, post apocalyptic nightmare junkies rejoice! Fallout, Borderlands, and now Mad Max himself in the hands of Balrog, simply awesome!