Japanese Sales Data: Media Create software sales for 3/3 - 9/3

The latest Media Create figures for the week ending the 9th of March show that a PS3 title has topped the software chart in Japan. Yakuza 3: Kenzan! from Sega debuted at number 1 with 181 000 copies.

The rest of the top ten on the software chart was dominated by Nintendo, who boasted five self-published Wii titles and one Nintendo DS title, with another NDS title published by Namco Bandai.

Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Brawl held on to second place for a second week with 50 000 copies while Wii Fit kept up the pace in third with 49 000 copies. Namco Bandai's Gundam Musou Special for the PS2 reentered the top ten at number 4 with 39 000 copies while Nintendo's popular Metroid Prime 3: Corruption debuted in fifth place with 32 000 copies.

Nintendo's Wii Sports moved up three places to number 6 with 19 000 copies while Soma Bringer for the Nintendo DS, also from Nintendo, dropped three places to number 7 with 17 000 copies. Namco Bandai's Doraemon: Nobita and the Green Giant DS debuted in eighth place with 17 000 copies. The only PSP title to make it into the top ten this week is Koei's Musou Orochi which dropped two places to number 9 with 16 000 copies. Nintendo's Everyone's General Knowledge Training TV debuted in tenth with 14 000 copies.

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belal3693d ago

yakuza beats super smash !!!!!! NICEEEEEEEEE

Mr Playboy3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Why do Japanese like [email protected] games ?? (WiiFit)

Uncharted and RAC didn't sell well in Japan, both are great games, but, why didn't they like it ???

rofldings3693d ago

They're probably asking the same question about you. :P