GameStop CEO: “The Wii U is a Real Console”

GameStop CEO J. Paul Raines is excited about next-gen, including Nintendo's Wii U console. In an interview with GamesIndustry International following last week's earning's call, the CEO spoke up regarding Nintendo's glossy new home console.

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zeal0us1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Well if the Wii U was a fake console it probably would not have hit the US/EU/Japan shores and would been made by some Chinese company.

Well its only a matter of time oh w8 nvm its already here. I forgot JinXing already made a Kirf model already.

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GrizzliS19871877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

you know the company is in trouble when a gamestop CEO has to announce and confirm that the wii U is indeed a console LOL

to be fair, i will buy the wii U when smash bros comes out, thats for sure

PS3Freak1877d ago

That fact that someone has to come out and tell us that the Wii U is a real console; means it isn't a real console.

Orionsangel1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

The Wii U is a Vii U. Haha!

History shows Consoles that had a rough start don't do as well in the long run. They usually end up in third place when their Gen is over.

dedicatedtogamers1878d ago

Remember when Microsoft kept saying over and over again "Kinect is for hardcore gamers. It will have hardcore games"? And then it turned out to be false?

I get a similar feeling with all this WiiU news. Why do we have to keep being told that WiiU is a "real console"? Why do we keep having to be told that the system will get a lot of games? If it is true, then the system would speak for itself and no one would HAVE to come to its defense.

PopRocks3591878d ago

Isn't that a little cynical given how history turned out for several major platforms this and last generation? The Wii U is not the only console in recent times to have a rough start.

Seraphim1878d ago

no but it is the most irrelevant.

SilentNegotiator1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Except Ps3 has never had a month as bad as Wii U in Jan/Feb, or anything near it. Neither has 3DS.

Stop playing that card; it has no weight. Wii U is nothing like those systems.

Ps3 had a "slow" start because it was expensive as gold. 3DS had a "slow" start because it had a price that compared poorly to an upcoming competing system (until the major price drop, that is).

Wii U is having a REAL slow start because it doesn't pander well to either end of the spectrum and doesn't even have its Nintendo defining exclusives yet....but remember, Gamecube had those exclusives too, and it sold less than 22 million in an entire 5 years.

Brucis1877d ago


The PS3 was the cheapest Blu-Ray player when it came out, even when games were slow coming out people bought it and non-gamers were likely for that reason. The WiiU is nothing like those systems because most systems are different and face different problems. The PS3 and 3DS didn't have a "slow" start, they had a slow start. Just because they are now successful doesn't change that the launches were bad (like basically every launch in the history of ever). If the WiiU takes off will you say it had a "slow" start? As for pandering to both sides, how is Monster Hunter, Lego City and New Super Mario Bros covering the spectrum of gamers? As for the Gamecube, yeah that really sucked. I loved my Gamecube, one of my favorite systems right up there with my PS2. If you're using Gamecube sales to imply they'll be in trouble they have enough bank to last through 2 complete console failures. I'd rather that not happen, but they can do it.

Jadedz1878d ago

You honestly don't believe in the Wii U (or Nintendo for that matter)?

Be skeptical about the 3rd party support (which is fair at this point in time), but the 1/2nd party stuff is the reason why consumers buy Nintendo platforms.

Jobesy1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Problem is, Nintendo is so slow to make games that if there is no proper 2nd/3rd party support than there's really not much to play. This isn't only with the Wiiu, we saw this the last couple years of the Wiis life cycle. Nintendo is too slow to produce games and 90% of the time the games they do produce are remakes, rarely new ips. Remakes are fine, but come on make something fresh too.

nypifisel1877d ago

Nintendo shouldn't have launched the Wii U without any of their AAA exclusives, that was their first mistake, no actually, calling it Wii U was their first mistake (Never liked the Wii name to begin with but it would've made more sense to uneducated consumers if they would've called the next one Wii 2 instead)

Had the Wii U launched with a must have Nintendo game like an amazing Zelda, or 3D Mario etc, the Wii U would've sold, tons. Iwata is running Nintendo into the ground I'm afraid, I'm a PC gamer but I don't want that. I grew up with NES, SNES N64, they made some of the greatest games on earth so It's such a shame they're about to screw it all up!

dedicatedtogamers1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I'm skeptical about the WiiU because since it was first announded, it has been a very deceptive console. Nintendo paraded dozens of eager devs around on stage to talk about how EVERYone was going to support the WiiU. And now, no one supports the WiiU. Nintendo talked about how they were taking an honest look at their online system. The online for the WiiU - especially the account system - is still a joke. Nintendo talked about how the control scheme would revolutionize gaming. It hasn't. Wii Sports revolutionized gaming the first day it came out. Nintendo Land hasn't managed to do anything. And don't act like Nintendo has been up front with their own games. They've been awfully silent about supporting their console, which has been out for several months now. And don't say "Wait for E3". Nintendo needs to support its systems NOW. At last E3, we saw Zelda and Pikmin for the WiiU and they still haven't showed up, so "wait for E3" isn't a valid choice.

If Nintendo started being honest and began making aggressive actions for getting more dev support, driving console sales, and improving their online, I would be a bit softer on the WiiU. But it's not just the WiiU's shortfalls that annoy me: it's the fact that Nintendo (and the blind fanbase) wants us to believe that the shortfalls don't exist at all.

Ck1x1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Here's where your argument fails! Whether they half assed Ports or not, the WiiU did have a decent number of games at launch. Now those games didn't sell to well and is the primary reason why most are taking a step back right now. Once again this is Nintendo's first HD system and I believe they were caught off guard by the extra development time and manpower needed to make HD games. Hence why a partnership was announced with Namco//Bandai to do the next Smash Bros and the Altus/Intelligent Systems for the WiiU Fire Emblem game coming. Not to mention that they have more partnering on other games that they have yet to even announce still. They published the fixing of Ninja Gaiden RE and are publishing Lego City, Wonderful 101 & for Bayonetta 2 to be made... So where is it that you don't see them stepping out to take risk here and being honest? Would you rather see them rush games just so the system has something to play? I mean yes there is a drought of games on the WiiU and yes that is Nintendo's fault for not preparing themselves better for this transition. They promised the WiiU wouldn't suffer the same fate as the 3ds, but in the end its turning out to be just like it. But once software started coming for the 3ds it hasn't stopped yet! It has been hit after hit from Nintendo in that regard, so yes I think I can wait until E3 to see what they have been so quiet about. The Japanese are generally very humble, so when they are quiet about something it means they don't want to brag, but when they are apologetic(as they were in the January Nintendo Direct about the software drought and the initial 3ds launch) they come out and admit to their shortcomings... Many Nintendo games and reveals were delayed after the final Devkits were released right before last years E3. Retro pulled their game at the last minute, look at how different Wonderful 101 looks compared to when it was first shown. Pikmin looks much better now and not like a ported Wii game and Xenoblade 2 looks better in its early stages than anything currently on the WiiU.

jcnba281878d ago

"And now, no one supports the WiiU."

Plenty of devs are supporting the Wii U especially indie devs. The reason EA is not supporting Wii U anymore is because EA and Nintendo had a falling out over the origin network.

"The online for the WiiU - especially the account system - is still a joke. "

Nintendo is constantly updating their OS give them a break. They created Miiverse which is a lot like Twitter and has been very successful so far.

"Nintendo talked about how the control scheme would revolutionize gaming."

Wii Sports was easy to sell because IT'S SPORTS. Everyone can relate to it and it's easy to play. I'm sure there's a Wii U Sports coming.

Nintendo have come out and apologized yes apologized to its fans in a Nintendo Direct saying "sorry for the delay of games but the switch from SD to HD is taking longer than we expected."

Be patient, the PS3/360 had no big games for a full year after they were released.

Yodagamer1878d ago

Well to be fair the wii u's launch had more hardcore games then the kinect has had in it's life time :P.

Donnieboi1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

That's not really saying much--I mean, we're comparing a dedicated console to a barely responsive body motion device that doesn't use a controller. But still, I agree the Wii U's games are more hardcore than the Wii's launch games, but ports and a lack of frequently released games needs to be remedied quick by Nintendo.

rainslacker1878d ago

I think the lack of games is a very valid complaint at this point. 4 months after launch to get 2 new games(MH3U and Lego City) released is unacceptable in my opinion. I pre-ordered when Rayman Legends was a launch title. Some of the other launch titles were also appealing, but Nintendo announced the Wii U 1-1/2 years before it's release. It got two E3's worth of announcements, and it has barely delivered anything in terms of games.

I like the system itself. It had it's launch issues with the OS, but overall the games I have played have been fun. There just aren't enough of them to make it a viable contender. Now with 2 more next gen consoles looming, both of which are better spec wise, it's obvious that Nintendo has completely wasted it's one year head start on the next gen. This was the time for them to really get a solid footing and make an install base big enough to make it harder for Sony and MS, and it was imperative that they do so.

I'm willing to wait for E3 before I completely dismiss them, but at the same time it would be nice to know now if they intend to actually try and make this console relevant. I don't want to sit through another 6 months wondering and waiting on them to get off their asses.

maniacmayhem1878d ago


I don't remember MS saying that Kinect would be for the hardcore gamer. I do remember them saying there would be some games for their hardcore audience which were provided. Whether you think their good or not is subjective.

I guess the reason why people need to be told is because people like you have short memory and attention spans. They seem to forget the same thing happened with the today's current consoles. Not many games were released at first launch and not many were different from their ports. In fact a lot were ports coming from PS2/Xbox.

We see it with the upcoming Xbox. MS is silent and gamers are going nuts spinning tales and declaring the PS4 is already the winner because they have not been told anything about the new Xbox. Some are even saying the new Xbox isn't even coming out because MS hasn't said a word.

So yes I guess these people really do need to remind the public of the obvious.

Game development takes time. You just can't go into a lab mix some potions together and out pops brand new games, enough to fill an whole entire store's shelf.

rainslacker1878d ago

"Game development takes time. You just can't go into a lab mix some potions together and out pops brand new games, enough to fill an whole entire store's shelf."

Indeed it does. A AAA game takes about 2 years to make. Wii U was announced almost 2 years where are the AAA games? Already with the PS4 we have quite a few AAA games announced within the launch window, and likely more to come at E3. More coming for it than the Wii U has had since it's launch. Some of those are coming out for the Wii U, and while that's good, I'll still be buying them for the PS4.

As a Wii U owner, I'm getting tired of this "Just wait and see". Nintendo has had ample time to get 3rd party devs on board, as well as produce several 1st party titles to make the Wii U more attractive, both before launch and after. Currently I don't even know what or when the next game I want to get for it is coming out. Never, in my entire life had I had that in a new console within the first year.

MaxXAttaxX1877d ago

They could have definitely had more games at launch, especially first party games.

The thing is, they rushed the Wii U out to beat the competition(PS4/720) and be able to sell it for $350.

Donnieboi1878d ago

@dedicated: "Well Said" bubble for you. I felt the same way. I'm fiending for that Monster Hunter, but don't want a wii u. Maybe capcom will make MH4 multiplatform. Besides the MH that just came out on Wii U is only a remake.

PopRocks3591877d ago

It's an HD remake of a particularly good game which nearly doubles the overall content. You make that seem like it's a bad thing.

MaxXAttaxX1877d ago

I'd wait for a MH4. Already played the Wii version. Too soon for an HD remake for me.

ZombieNinjaPanda1877d ago

If what you're saying is true, then people need to shut up about the Ps3 already, and they need to shut up about the Ps4 now.

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DragonKnight1878d ago

I think it's funny how often we hear "the Wii U is a real console" or some variant of that phrase and yet everyone who says it and is in a position to actually showcase that statement does absolutely nothing to prove their point. If the Wii U is a real console with real strengths, prove it. Stop trying to sell it to gamers who won't believe it without actual games.

PopRocks3591878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Now on this I can agree wholeheartedly. That said I think games will come. We have six first party titles on the way (well, technically one of them is a crossover with a Nintendo franchise made by Atlus).

Even the Gamecube and the Wii had some third party gems here and there. I doubt the Wii U won't at the very least have that.

maniacmayhem1878d ago

Games are still in development, E3 is a few months away. You just can't expect games to just *poof* appear out of no where and amaze the masses.

People (gamers) seem to forget when the 360 and PS3 first launched and each had very little games or games that showed off its technical power.

Donnieboi1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

The games should have already been deeper into the dev cycle, with more 3rd party games before even releasing it. We can't guaruntee that Nintendo is really going to have playable versions of new games by E3. And even if they did, how long is it until WE can buy them? Seriously, WHY are there so few games? U say to wait, but why is this even happening in the first place? Sony isn't having any problems whipping up new games and getting 3rd party love, and the hardware is comparable to Wii U's.

The smarter gamer asks WHY. Not just accepts it when told to wait. If that's the case, while I'm waiting for Wii U to get it's thing together, I could already be saving up for the PS4, which has already impressed me as a gamer as a viable reason to move into the next generation.

Right now, the only Nintendo division doing things right is the ds/3ds division, which has been running things more independently from Iwata. I want a 3ds because THAT has a truckload of games, 3rd party support, and the new Shin Megami Tensei 4 game has been announced to come out in America this summer! So I gotta have that!

maniacmayhem1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )


This is easy for you to say and think when you have 0 experience in game production and how it works. Most devs don't get a dev kit until half a year before it is even finalized. All devs can do is go on bare specs from the company that could also change at any moment. This is why most games do not take full advantage of that systems hardware at launch.

Another issue is most 3rd parties (especially) nowadays want to wait to see the user install base and popularity of the new system. They don't want to dump millions into a game for a system that isn't popular. An example would be the PS3, the 3DS and even the PS3 had some of these issues.

The smarter gamer knows WHY and doesn't back seat drive and thinks that games just pop out of no where just because a system is released. Game development is a 2 to 3 year process.

You say Sony isn't having any problems whipping up games but they showed just as little as WiiU. And it appears WiiU has more games than what the PS4 showed.

Nintendo has already said that there would be a good number of new games announced and playable at E3. But it's easier (i guess) to focus on the negatives rather than the positives.

rainslacker1878d ago


I really like my Wii U. I think it's a nice console. But of those 6 first party titles, how many are releasing this year? 2 I think. What has Nintendo been doing these past 2 years to get games available on the system? I know the games are coming, but most of those 6 don't even have release dates for this year(although they could be confirmed later). It's like they released the system, then said to themselves..."OK, time to make some games for it".

And then there is an apparent lack of support from 3rd party devs. I'm all for just playing 1st party games on the system...but for the system to remain viable it must have good 3rd party support. The number of upcoming games on GameStop is paltry, and most don't even have release dates this year...and about 1/4 of them are just re-releases of older games.

No matter how good a system is, it can not survive without games. I believe the early adopters have been patient enough, and it's time for Nintendo to deliver, or at least give us more than, "the games are coming".

To put things in perspective. For how many people said that the Vita had no games, I brought twice as many(plus 3 more) for it than I have for the Wii U in the same time frame, and I'm very much prefer home console to mobile any day.


The Wii U has it's strengths. The Gamepad does offer some interesting possibilities in terms of game play, and hopefully that will be better implemented by developers.

MiiVerse is pretty cool, but could be overshadowed by Sony's efforts.

The graphics will probably hold their own against next gen, but will likely look dated a 3-4 years into the other consoles lifespan, but arguably the difference won't be as drastic as say PS2 to PS3 days.

Some of the games that have been released are quite good. I'm really enjoying Lego City right now myself.

I'm sure there are more, but it's late and I should be asleep.

yewles11878d ago sure they weren't talking about the Wii Mini instead?


LOL_WUT1877d ago

Good point ;) +1

When you have the CEO of GameStop come out and make statements like these, you really have to question Nintendo and their business tactics. As this is something Nintendo themselves should be addressing to consumers. ;)

dungeonboss1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Well, let's see...
For sure this year, we have:
Wonderful 101
Pikmin 3
Game & Wario
Mario Kart U
Yarn Yoshi
Wind Waker HD
Fire Emblem X SMT

Announced for the future:
Monolith Soft's "X"
Bayonetta 2
Zelda: Wii U
3D Mario
Super Smash Bros. 4

That's what we know as of January. And then they clarified that there is more on the way THIS year and in the future that will be announced at E3.

What's been announced for PS4? Killzone, Infamous. Meh.
Xbox 720? Microsoft hasn't even bothered to get people hyped yet.

EDIT: And whatever Retro is working on.... :F

BitbyDeath1878d ago

"What's been announced for PS4?"

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Battlefield 4
Blacklight: Retribution
Carmageddon: Reincarnation
Cyberpunk 2077
Deep Down
Diablo III
Infamous: Second Son
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Primal Carnage: Genesis
Rocketbirds 2: Evolution
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The Witness
Watch Dogs

dungeonboss1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Oh, sorry, I was only talking about first-party games. Let's see, which of those are also on Wii U?

Watch Dogs
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
and although it hasn't been officially confirmed, Destiny is has been rumored to be coming to Wii U as well.

Not to mention that the Wii U already has Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate, Lego City Undercover, and several high profile enhanced ports such as Need for Speed Most Wanted U and Deus Ex HR. (which fans that own the game on 360 and PS3 seem have been complaining about "missing features").

Which of those PS4 exclusives is actually appealing to me as a consumer? Maybe Driveclub. That's about it.

WeAreLegion1878d ago

As a consumer, I'm not sure which ones would be appealing to you.

As a gamer, most of them should be pretty appealing...

LOGICWINS1878d ago

Damn, and we aren't even at E3 yet. You can add GTAV to that list as well.

_QQ_1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Don't mention third parties, a console is only as good as its exclusives.

Yodagamer1878d ago

All i know is that nintendo and sony have gotten me hyped for both platforms, even if nintendo in a bit of the normal software drought associated with most launches

_-EDMIX-_1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

@dungeonboss- I'm sorry but to compare Watch Dogs, Destiny etc to the PS4 versions is a bit of a joke.

um....there also on PS3. You know why Deep Down, Witcher 3 etc are not on Wii U.....cause those are all next gen games with no PS3 or 360 versions.

Everything on the Wii U that is 3rd party is not making ANYONE want a Wii U....its actually saying JUST KEEP YOUR PS3 and know cause theres about 160 million of em out there and all...

I'm getting about half of BitByDeath's little list there.

On Wii U, I'm getting X and Pikmin 3.....thats it. The rest are bore fest. To say "Oh OH WIND WAKER HD, is like saying...stand back guys GTAIV is being ported to PS4 OMG DAY 1" So.....a game that got released YEARS ago is getting ported and this is a big deal? No wonder Wii U sales are so damn low, people like you seem to think that this is some sort of good thing.

Welcome back to the Gamecube cold ages. LOL!

All jokes aside. Nintendo's system is looking bad. Like I don't see me owning it in like 2 years bad. I'll get it with X is out, but I'm getting it used. Nintendo won't see a dime from me, why get a new for just 3 damn games? For gods sake I've got more PS4 games ON PRE ORDER then I plan to get for the Wii U period!

PS4 is a EASY day 1, I will play exclusives, third parties etc on it. Wii U? Just want 3 games...quite sad I know.

TheDivine1878d ago

So ps4 ports excite people? Diablo 3 on ps4 is like someone getting excited for a GTA4 port on ps4. Isn't that right EDMIX? Not to mention multiplats shouldn't be a reason to buy a console. I won't spend 4-500 dollars for rocket birds 2 and some tech demos like deep down which isn't even a game yet. Maybe I should go out and preorder unreal engine 4 and agnis philosophy because both games look righteous right? Wrong. Ps4 will be dope but nobodies excited for another KZ, at least i hope not. What other exclusives are there so far? Another infamous? Same shit different day. At least Nintendo innovated, brought new ideas, and crazy unexpected games like SMT x Fire Emblem. Sure they regurgitated another Mario but it at least is the best one since SM World.

And yes, GameCube rocked bitches! It's legendary period as is Wind Waker. Funny to see Sony guys who beg for HD remasters get but hurt over Nintendo remaking one of the best games ever made. At least they remake instead of port with a higher res ala Sony.

And il happily take Xenoblade 2 over EVERY ps4 game announced. Il take SMTxFE and Metroid over another KZ, GT, Ratchet, and LBP. It's like the ds/psp and 3ds/vita situation. Sony guys hyped cause it has teh grafix while Nintendo guys are excited for quality games. You guys prob think the vita has a good library lol. Honestly very few Sony games actually excite me. The last one was prob Demons Souls and the next is Beyond 2 Souls. Great hardware vs great software, il take software every single time. Still have fun your multiplats, fps, tps, and fps, tps, and fps, and fps, and fps, and fps exc.

Realplaya1878d ago

Question is how many of these games will release on day 1?

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Neko_Mega1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

An yet, PS4 is listed as a console that alot of people are wanting. It out rank Nintendo products and Apple's, I think now matter what to come.

The Wii U is in trouble, until then. Wii U gets leftovers from PS3/360/PC.


An maybe even DayZ.

jcnba281878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

So you're another fanboy that believe's Gamestop when they said that there has been "Strong Purchase Intent for PS4"? LOL

Gamestop are only saying that to get people hyped for the system so they will buy it in their stores. I went into gamestop the other day to pick up a game and at the counter they said would you like to put your name down for the ps4 and I said no thanks but they wouldn't shut the fuck up. They kept on trying to convince me that I should register my name for it so I said fine. Am I going to buy a ps4? Nope, not for at least 2 years after launch and a price drop.

delboy1878d ago

If 3rd party support means more FPS, then WiiU doesn't need 3rd party support.
WiiU and PC is the perfect combination, a innovative console with probably 20+ AAA exclusive games and a pc for multiplat.

_QQ_1878d ago

with SC2 and DOTA 2.

stragomccloud1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Agreed. For me it's pc and Wii U all the way. Though, I'm sure I'll get the other consoles when they have built up a big enough library of exclusives.

Wii U truly offers an experience I can't get on any console, if it's not for Wii U, then it'll probably come to pc, and at least then I can play it at a level consoles could only dream of achieving. Since ps4 and probably also the next xbox won't really be doing anything too different with the controller, and since I have a wireless xbox 360 controller fire my pc, I have absolutely no reason to buy non Wii U multiplats for anything except pc.

iNFAMOUZ11878d ago

i agree mostly with you on the ps4 stuff and wii u stuff

Hicken1878d ago

So... you'd compare a full year of games for the Wii U with the list of known launch window titles for the PS4, which will be out in around October or so?

Sounds legit.

Oh yeah: exclusives definitely matter, but only when the consoles being discussed get the same multiplats; the Wii U won't be getting quite a few of the games that are coming to either the 7th OR 8th gen consoles. That means that, unlike the 360/720 or PS3/PS4, the Wii U NEEDS more exclusives to survive.

Not that they don't matter at all, but their importance is a little different for Nintendo.

rainslacker1878d ago

Have all those games you mentioned actually been confirmed for release this year? I looked them all up and none of them had dates listed for this year. I know if there is no confirmed date retailers put it well into the future, but seems like all of them have an unknown release date.

Not trying to argue, and I am looking forward to some of them, but the rest of this year has looked pretty dry to me.

Zer0bros1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Well, let's see..

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Battlefield 4
Blacklight: Retribution
Carmageddon: Reincarnation
Cyberpunk 2077
Deep Down
Diablo III
Infamous: Second Son
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Primal Carnage: Genesis
Rocketbirds 2: Evolution
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The Witness
Watch Dogs

This was just the PS4 R-E-V-E-A-L, not the actual conference like in E3. How long has Nintendo had? 2 years, 2 E3s, multiple "Nintendo Directs" and for what? Boring looking kiddy games like Yoshi Yarn?

The beauty of 3rd party games are that they keep gamers busy until the big exclusive releases and judging by Sony's record, they are doing a FAR better job than Nintendo

What's been announced for Wii U? SMT X FE, meh. Those aren't system sellers. I can act like a drone as well!

DarkHeroZX1877d ago


Not every game on your list is coming out this year.

Parapraxis1877d ago

Out of the games coming this year I'll be getting:
Mario Kart U, Wind Waker HD and possibly Yarn Yoshi.
Looking at only 3 games for 2013 4 months in...that is not a good thing.

iplay1up21877d ago

Don't forget Eternal Darkness IP was renewed by Nintendo...

GdaTyler1877d ago

Your fanboy side is shining.

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