More photos of the Wii Mini

Take a look at a few additional shots showing off the Wii Mini.

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BitbyDeath1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

If i didn't know any better i'd think this was a repackaged Wii U or a new console entirely.
Great work Nintendo, let's make this even more confusing.

LOL_WUT1754d ago

So Nintendo went with the PS2 SLIM DESIGN not bad... ;)

Studio-YaMi1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

You have issues against Nintendo buddy ?

I see you in every Nintendo articles and even non-Nintendo articles bashing the Wii U and Nintendo in general,what gives !?

Sure,the Wii U isn't hot right now,but your trying so hard to make it sound really awful,it's just .. mind damage !

Edit :
BTW .. it looks NOTHING like the PS2 slim

MasterCornholio1754d ago

It reminds me of the Sega CD add on.

Don't kill me

Motorola RAZR i

USMC_POLICE1754d ago

I was a huge Sony fan boy. My wife wanted a Wii u, and I love it. Lego city, batman, soon Pikmin 3. Great system! Those who bash it have not played it.

MultiConsoleGamer1754d ago

NES > NES Top Loader


No revisions for N64 or GCN, just colors. And now back to their old patter with the Wii Mini.

rustyspoon801754d ago

Woah, that was a top loading NES and a SNES mini. I didnt know that. Maybe there weren't released in the UK.
I knew sega released various versions.

Nintendo should just have called it the wii-2, then everyone would know. Also were are all the TV adverts for it. There used to be loads for the wii.
This will cause problems for parents who are trying to buy the new wii.

TheEnigma3131754d ago

The top loader NES was much better.

batbatz1754d ago

I cant tell you how little I care about this, Wii just like WiiU is old news

wenaldy1754d ago

And there's no internet connection LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.