What The Big N should Ninten-do to fix the Wii U

The Wii U is struggling, but all hope isn't lost. It can be saved from disaster with a few key changes.

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zeal0us1875d ago

Well it really don't need fixing it just need more first party Nintendo titles. Also those 3rd party exclusives that's been drawing attention over the past few months.

showtimefolks1875d ago

its a simple solution and a simple understanding on nintendo's behalf

1. it needs software support, 1st/2nd party wise it will do well in future but just like all nintendo consoles in last 20 years 3rd party is not supporting it

and this is more important for nintendo and its fans to understand, Its not gonna do as well as WII, but that's not failure just look at ps3 sales compare to ps2. each system doesn't need to sell 100million for it to be considered success

its juts mind boggling and amazing how nintendo has survived on 1st and 2nd party titles alone because 3rd parties haven't support a nintendo home console in a long long time

vet_medic1875d ago

I dont think I will be able to resist when Nintendo releases 1080p 3d Mario game or Zelda, it will be glorious.
But core gamer is lost, Nintendo always will be that box for Mario and Zelda for the core. And Nintendo faithful is not enough to break 20mil consoles, they need to chase back that casual audience.

B-radical1875d ago

Put a double precision gpu in it like the nextbox perhaps?

delboy1875d ago

It's graphics you only looking for?

B-radical1874d ago

Not really no gameplay and graphics they got the gameplay down2

LOL_WUT1875d ago

A price drop followed with some Nintendo IP's ;)

PopRocks3591875d ago

They already tried price drops which didn't work and the Nintendo IPs will be showcased at E3.

Y_51501875d ago

Well no official price drop has been made yet you know?

PopRocks3591875d ago

Retailers consistently dropped the price themselves by $50. Why are people disagreeing with this? The price was dropped and it had no lasting effect. It's factual.

gamefiles1875d ago

Nintendo wiiU is hot as it is. But it wouldn't hurt to have Rare back.

Zer0bros1875d ago

It sure is "hot" with it's most recent impressive sales /s

Donnieboi1875d ago

Such strong delusion...

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The story is too old to be commented.