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What The Big N should Ninten-do to fix the Wii U

The Wii U is struggling, but all hope isn't lost. It can be saved from disaster with a few key changes. (Nintendo, Wii U)

zeal0us  +   727d ago
Well it really don't need fixing it just need more first party Nintendo titles. Also those 3rd party exclusives that's been drawing attention over the past few months.
showtimefolks  +   727d ago
its a simple solution and a simple understanding on nintendo's behalf

1. it needs software support, 1st/2nd party wise it will do well in future but just like all nintendo consoles in last 20 years 3rd party is not supporting it

and this is more important for nintendo and its fans to understand, Its not gonna do as well as WII, but that's not failure just look at ps3 sales compare to ps2. each system doesn't need to sell 100million for it to be considered success

its juts mind boggling and amazing how nintendo has survived on 1st and 2nd party titles alone because 3rd parties haven't support a nintendo home console in a long long time
vet_medic  +   727d ago
I dont think I will be able to resist when Nintendo releases 1080p 3d Mario game or Zelda, it will be glorious.
But core gamer is lost, Nintendo always will be that box for Mario and Zelda for the core. And Nintendo faithful is not enough to break 20mil consoles, they need to chase back that casual audience.
B-radical  +   727d ago
Put a double precision gpu in it like the nextbox perhaps?
delboy  +   727d ago
It's graphics you only looking for?
B-radical  +   726d ago
Not really no gameplay and graphics they got the gameplay down2
LOL_WUT  +   727d ago
A price drop followed with some Nintendo IP's ;)
PopRocks359  +   727d ago
They already tried price drops which didn't work and the Nintendo IPs will be showcased at E3.
Y_5150  +   727d ago
Well no official price drop has been made yet you know?
PopRocks359  +   727d ago
Retailers consistently dropped the price themselves by $50. Why are people disagreeing with this? The price was dropped and it had no lasting effect. It's factual.
gamefiles  +   727d ago
Nintendo wiiU is hot as it is. But it wouldn't hurt to have Rare back.
Zer0bros  +   727d ago
It sure is "hot" with it's most recent impressive sales /s
Donnieboi  +   727d ago
Such strong delusion...
Geovanny   727d ago | Bad language | show
AO1JMM  +   727d ago
Zelda? Mario Kart? Earthbound sequal? 3D Mario?

Or any number of 3rd party games.
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LordHiggens  +   727d ago
For the love of Pete just give me something that's Nintendo developed and catered to freakin' adults. I'm sick of Nintendo pushing all this kiddy crap.
PopRocks359  +   727d ago
Metroid? Star Fox? F-Zero? X? Those are all made either by Nintendo EAD or subsidiaries.
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clintagious650  +   727d ago
U have your opinion but to me zelda is not kiddy crap. The design may look kiddy but its definitely a grownups game. If anything I wish nintendo would do is bring zelda to life graphically. Ive always dreamed of a zelda game with uncharted like graphics. I know graphics aint everything but can u imagine how crazy e3 would go if nintendo did that. I can only imagine.
Ck1x  +   727d ago
People need to stop with this game is kiddy crap and that one is for mature adults! When there are probably more 12&13 yr old boys playing your resident shooters online... Gaming in general is very childish in nature, that's why we call them games! They don't put a different name on porn and say hey look at this amazing acting for adults. It is what it is no matter what you dress it up as. Hence Sony tried to call it Computer Entertainment and thought it would catch on. Because it sounds much more mature and the furthest thing from video-games right? I would take artistic looking game like Ni Nokuni or a game like Lego City over any of the sepia tone shooters any day of the week.
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RFornillos4  +   727d ago
the problem with some people is that, if it looks colorful and/or cartoony, it's for "kids" and games with hyper-realistic graphics are for adults, or "core" gamers, jeez...
kainslayer  +   727d ago
make a new one!!!!! with 2 geforce titans ;-p
Nicaragua  +   727d ago
It just needs games, or at least some solid release dates for some games.
clintagious650  +   727d ago
Its obviously it needs games and once nintendo has a few major 1st party games u will see the system sell better. They obviously also need more 3rd party support & in order for that to happen the wii u needs to sell more units. If they cant do that then they might not get that support from 3rd party devs.

Dont get me wrong, I believe that nintendo can survive with not much 3rd party support but that only would hurt them with potential sales they could have had as a company moving forward. I hope it picks up for them soon.
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kirbyu  +   727d ago
The part about Duck Hunt Dog being used in photoshops was the only part that entertained me.
greatcrusader44  +   727d ago
That has to be the worst pun I've ever read.
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hard joe  +   727d ago
release a new truly next gen console
Ck1x  +   727d ago
There's no such thing! Unless the PS4 and 720 both have Titan GPU's in them, then they aren't as cutting edge as people want to fabricate either. What's funny about this whole WiiU not getting UE4 because its supposedly can't keep up to run the engine properly or whatever Mark Rein's excuse is today. The PS4/720 will be no better at running the UE4 as the PS3/360 were at running UE3. There will be features downscaled on both of these systems as well to fit the engine to their specifications. There will be even more features trimmed off when it gets a mobile version, but isn't that what you would expect from a scalable engine! In the end the WiiU just needs great software and games like MH3U over seas just proves this theory.

@gamer42: People wishing that Nintendo would have another GC era to wake them up is pretty dense actually. Despite what many fanboys want to believe Nintendo is invested heavily in the WiiU and its clearly the most expensive product that they've ever made! With that being said, so was the GC during its timeframe and contrary to popular belief. The weak sales of the GC didn't inspire Nintendo to go out and make the most powerful video-game system known to man, did it? So although WiiU may not be pushing spec for spec with the PS4. Its nowhere near the same level of disparity that PS3&360 were over the Wii. The 3rd party support is a whole other basket case of craziness! Yes in the distant past Nintendo wasn't so helpful to 3rd party developers as they are now. But they have been mending fences since the GC days and have come along way. The truth of the matter is 3rd party companies know that their software won't sell over Nintendo's titles, but at the same time they want Nintendo's titles to drive the install base. So when the WiiU gets a nice install base that is a little harder to ignore, that's when we will see even more crappy Ports come to the system...
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gamer42  +   727d ago
I don't want them to make an ALL-POWERFUL console with BLAST PROCESSING, all I want them to do is gain third-party support, which the gamecube also had little to none of. But I also want a gamecube like era for it's games, you must admit many of their best works with many of their franchises took place in this time (F-zeroGX, Starfox assault, SSBM, Pikmin 1+2, Metroid Prime series, and animal crossing) Nintendo always has something up their sleeve, and I hope they come out of this rut and make that console the success it can be.
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gamer42  +   727d ago
I honestly think a gamecube like era for nintendo is a good thing at this point,it'll wake them up to the reality that is facing the wiiu, maybe their keeping something secret behind those doors, but from what I can see, I see no third-party support, and zero public interest in the wiiu. Sure monster hunter and lego city helped, but how long is that effect going to last. What significant games are coming out on april that make people say 'I want a wii u for that'. There better be a third party nintendo direct soon with games they kept secret from us. I want nintendo to succeed, but to do that they need to see whats going on around them.
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AdvanceWarsSgt  +   727d ago
So basically, you want Nintendo to release another commercial failure?
gamer42  +   727d ago
I just want to play the amazing games of nintendo's Ip, like I did during the Gamecube era, but I by no means want this console to fail.
Chard  +   727d ago
Clearly the only logical thing for Nintendo to do at this point is to add 8gb of gddr5 ram to the wii u
RFornillos4  +   727d ago
honestly. games. they need to bring out the games faster. as the recent increase of Wii U sales was triggered by Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, it clearly shows that Nintendo only needs to come out with games. good games, i might add. and they need them to come out fast enough to avoid long droughts.

but this pattern has already been established by the 3DS, so in a few months or so, I'm sure this will slowly pick up. all these talks about "no 3rd party support", are just that -- plain "talks".

oh yeah, EA may not be supporting Wii U fully, but if I know EA, they're not that dumb. they will one way or another be releasing some games for the Wii U. I'm pretty sure Activision won't give up on the Wii U for the next COD (especially knowing that BF4 will not be on it). Ubisoft's been doing good with their support for Nintendo (despite the Rayman thing); and other companies like Bandai Namco, WB, Capcom, Eidos, and Square Enix haven't given up on Nintendo either. Platinum Games will most likely continue to support Nintendo in some capacity. and i'm not even mentioning the indie devs who are slowly seeing the potential of the Wii U's eShop.
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Kurt Russell  +   727d ago
Buy back RARE, make Killer Instinct and Diddy Kong Racing.
Summons75  +   727d ago
It's not Nintendo that needs fixing, it's the idiotic whiners who haven't even touched the system that need to be fixed. I'd agree with more games since mine had the same 3 until recently but that's over and we've already gotten a small does of e3 which will be huge. The systems great but like anything Nintendo most people hate it to be cool but end up acting like fools.
Fistedcupps  +   727d ago
Make a Super Mario game with blood and shit lol.
GABRIEL1030  +   727d ago
If the rumors of British newspapers are true and the PS4 will be launch in october of this year and at 300 USD price, there isn't much that Nintendo can do. The only way is that Nintendo cut-off the price, release AAA games like Zelda, Metroid, Fire Emblem, Star Fox and new and fresh IP's, but there is not time . Maybe the only game in working process is Zelda, but according with the great N the game development will last a large time. Other factor is the poor WiiU Hard Disk capacity, the Premium console has only 32 GB, this is a shame. Nintendo must launch a console with a large HDD and promote the Digital sales, maybe they should revamp and re-launch the console, change the name and release a great catalog.
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C-Thunder  +   727d ago
That would be insane if it comes out at $300. I don't see how it can, maybe $400.

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