Console startup screen montage

Over a decade of boot up salutes in one video.

Startup screens - we see them over and over again, but rarely stop to appreciate their beauty. No, we impatiently mash our controllers' buttons, hopelessly urging them to fade away. But these spinning cubes, spiralling letters, and ambient soundscapes have been greeting us for well over ten years, and are forever tattooed on our memories. It's time to salute them back.

Let's take a trip down read-only memory lane, shall we?

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Lord Anubis3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

I like the PS1 PS2 PS3 and PSP start up boots.

my favorite is by far the PS1 boot, at the time it was so cool. I always got excited with the boot. The PS1 was my real introduction to video games, i played the nes and snes before but no like the PS1 perhaps it has to do with not liking 2D games.

MaximusPrime3750d ago

totally agreed.

I never like xbox start up. Its green.
Xbox 360 is alittle better but still i dont like it.

Gamecube is pretty good and fun.

Rattles3750d ago

i still remember the sound that it makes. good times good times

BubblesDAVERAGE3750d ago

Sega had the best one...with the genesis

vitz33750d ago

Genesis didn't have a boot-up screen. The Sega CD and Saturn did tho.

Sev3750d ago

True Genesis didnt have a start up screen, but he is talking about SEGA published games like Sonic which had the Seeeeeggggaaaaa during the game boot up.

I have to agree that was the best boot up.

But I love the PS1, PS3, and PSP.

I hated the PS2 bootup.

InMyOpinion3750d ago

I liked Gamecube the best.

moses3750d ago

I love the Wii's hahahaha, it's a hazard screen!!

PumPum3750d ago

I lolled too :D:D
Oh man the Sega CD one was fugly. :D and the R.E.A.L took forever....
ps3 one is the classiest.

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The story is too old to be commented.