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Submitted by jcnba28 1045d ago | news

Forget boss fights, Deus Ex on Wii U has graphic improvements, new game play, and a strategy guide

Adam Jensen is coming to the Wii U, and he's bringing his cyborg sunglasses and pointed goatee with him. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is getting a Director's Cut edition for Nintendo's console, and the Report was able to sit down with Emile Pedneault, game designer on the Wii U version of Human Revolution, at PAX East to learn more.

The U in “Wii U” stands for “ultimate”

Pedneault reiterated several times throughout our time together that this was the best version of the game, the ultimate version of the game. He and his team were able to do new things that couldn't have been done before, thanks to the touchscreen of the Wii U GamePad and the dual-screen experience it provided. (PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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jcnba28  +   1045d ago
“It's even sharper than the PC version.”

Yeah the Wii U isn't next gen at all...
Kamikaze135  +   1045d ago
Well, to be fair, it was released almost two years ago and it was not a demanding game on PC at all. It would be rather pathetic if the Wii U version wasn't graphically enhanced.
_QQ_  +   1045d ago
but it is...
TruthbeTold  +   1044d ago | Well said
Better looking than a 2 year old PC game is far better than most people give the Wii U credit for. Especially here at N4G...
Snookies12  +   1044d ago
Yeah, I could run it pretty easily at max settings with my PC. However, it's still better than 360/PS3 versions could do, which is saying something. The Wii U is a pretty decent system, and I'll definitely be getting one eventually. Although, at the moment, I'm saving up for the PS4 and possibly the 720.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1044d ago
Bought it for $20 last year for PS3.
Pretty good game. Although it doesn't need better graphics, it needs better character animations.
konohashin  +   1044d ago
Your reply seems like a typical hater reply.

I mean it is like the "WiiU is not as powerful as PS3" comments.

But as soon as people find out it is more powerful they say


You know its always others comparing WiiU to current gen and if Nintendo fans do so others say "OH REALLY YOU COMPARE WiiU TO 7 YEAR OLD TECHNOLOGY LOL?!"

Either the game is not demanding and thats why WiiU looks better. Or WiiU only wins because it is newer or because the devs had more time or NAME YOUR OWN KINDERGARTEN EXCUSE.... Its never because the own console is SHIT etc... its impossible that anything is shittier than a Nintendo product EVER!


You do realize that it is up to "lazy" devs whether a port is enhanced or not. It has actually nothing to do with the hardware at all. So it is not a GIVEN that a port is automatically better just because the hardware is or because years went by.

Here a nice example:
Metroid Prime for GameCube 2002 vs Metroid Prime for Wii 2009.
The Wii version (Trilogy) came out 7 years later and LOST graphical effects!
Dno  +   1044d ago
this is not better then the PC version as this is not 60FPS and not 1080p native....

Do you people no these guys are trying to sell you an old game for 60 bucks? you can get this on PC for 5 bucks. they will say anything to get hype.
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Dgander  +   1044d ago
I have seen countless comments with people calling Wii U current gen just because it has games on par with current gen. PS3/360 has 7 year old hardware and developers force everything they learned over the years out of those consoles. We will see at E3 what the console is really capable of. The Zelda Demo with the giant spider looked spectacular and history has proved that Zelda games has always looked significantly better than the demos that was shown for the console.
fatstarr  +   1044d ago

n4g logic

doesn't look better than ps3
its teh sucks

oh it looks better than the ps3
but my pc...

pc looks better than ps3
doesn't compute

your face when the wiiu is comparable to a low mid tier pc from 2012

only when Nintendo is involved does this skewed logic come to play.
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Controversy  +   1044d ago
Graphics HELP a game. They don't make the game. Luckily, Deus Ex is a great game at its core.
jaymart2k  +   1044d ago
And the PS4 & Xbox 720 should of been released 2 years ago.
Ritsujun  +   1044d ago
Wii duUum.
Dylila  +   1045d ago
it is next gen and thats why bf4 and unreal engine 4 will be on it despite what some say. need for speed most wanted on the wii u was the definitive version since it had pc texture pack with new modes. if killzone shadow fall was done with 1.5 gigs of ram while the wii u has two, imagine what can be done on wii u with the same amount when devs allocate more ram power to games. i know the wii u doesnt need 1 gig of ram for the OS and 500mb or so should be good enough but itll be up to nintendo to make it happen. 400mb should be sufficient for the os.

i was banned by NATEDOG, lol. ive been banned by this person a lot on here and i think its funny because with a name like that your life isnt on the up and up, especially being a moderator.

im back now to express my views. battlefield 4 looks amazing, it looks like battlefield 3 which is also amazing. not much improvements can be made anyway when high end games look almost real.
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gamer42  +   1045d ago
haven't seen you in a while, how ya been?
herbs  +   1045d ago
Why so many disagrees Dylila is actually talking sense this time.
riverstars86  +   1045d ago
The Wii U is not next-gen. I own one and I have no problem admitting this much. I only own one to play first party Nintendo games. The Wii U could never run Killzone Shadow Fall, quit being delusional.
LOL_WUT  +   1044d ago
Welcome back Dylila ;)
Nilemonitors13  +   1044d ago
Isn't natedogg dead? anyways, lets all hope the wii u does better, the industry needs nintendo, believe it or not if they fail tben any company can too.
deafdani  +   1044d ago
Wait a second. Dylila talking positively about the Wii U? Not a single "rubbish" word usage to see on his comment?

The hell is going on?
Dgander  +   1044d ago
You know UE4 was also scaled down a bit to work on PS4 right? I think people are quickly forgetting that UE4 comparison video between PS4 and PC.
PersonMan  +   1044d ago
Since when does RAM itself matter? The Wii U has a weak CPU... all the RAM in the world isn't going to make a game magically better.
Root  +   1045d ago
Come on man it's a's not a next gen game is it.

Sorry but if it can't run Unreal Engine 4 and the Frostbite engine 3 then it's not fully next gen is it.
gamer42  +   1045d ago
I don't know about frostbite, but the Wiiu can run the Unreal Engine 4 and so can most smartphones, and current gen systems. I haven't heard any official representative say the Wiiu can't run the frostbite engine, only that they won't support it on the Wiiu, same with the Unreal Engine 4.
Shnazzyone  +   1044d ago
Uhhh yeah, it's a scalable engine so you're saying you think a cell phone running it is next gen now? But an actual system part of the next generations of consoles isn't? I'm sorry but. You do not define console generations by game engines... you do it by, I dunno, what console generation it's part of.

Next gen is a buzz word anyway, it has no definitions or meaning these days.
deafdani  +   1044d ago
It's been confirmed that smartphones and tablets will be able to run Unreal Engine 4, and the Frostbite Engine 3 will run on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Does that make all of those machines next gen?

Seriously, inform yourself better before talking such nonsense.
Root  +   1044d ago

I don't care if those machines can run those engines if the Wii U can't then it's not next gen. As you said even the PS3 and 360 can run them so why can't the Wii U. You've just proved my point, thank you.
deafdani  +   1044d ago
Are you really this obtuse? If smartphones, tablets, the PS3 and 360 can all run those engines, then OF COURSE the Wii U can do it.

As of now, it won't, because of a lack of support, not because of hardware limitations.

That could change in the future, if the Wii U's install base grows to a size respectable enough to entice game publishers.

My only point here was that, if you are defining "next-gen" in terms of hardware, then Unreal Engine 4 and Frostbite 3 aren't good benchmarks for that, seeing as they are perfectly capable of running in hardware less powerful than the Wii U.
gamer42  +   1044d ago
@ Root
from your response to deafdani, it seems to me you don't believe the wiiu can run the unreal engine 4.
Of course it will be scaled down, but it can still run it, and fyi so will the PS4 and Xbox 720 versions, since only PCs will truly fully use the unreal engine. As I said before representitives of Frostbyte have never come and say it can't run on the wiiu. You have no basis in your arguement, you just say it can't run those engines. Maybe you mistook when they said they wont support it themselves, as the wiiu can't run it. Support =/= ability to run on a system. They just don't want to spend the money on support.
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Genuine-User  +   1045d ago
I'm no PC fanboy but that statement is technically incorrect. It's impossible to create a multiplatform game sharper than the PC counterpart.
PC gives you the option to play above 1080p, current consoles struggle above 720p with most games.
PSVita  +   1044d ago
You can make a ton of improvements over 2 years though. They are comparing and old game to a new one so it can better in many way but if they released both at the same time of course it'd wouldn't even come close.
sourav93  +   1044d ago
Perhaps the texture files on Wii U version are of a higher resolution? But I do agree with you in terms of overall sharpness. A laptop playing DE at 1366x768 should be sharper than the Wii U version. But like many have said in the comments, 2 years is a great amount of time to optimise a game for one specific console.
Neonridr  +   1044d ago
yes but the developers didn't make this game over a 2 year span. I would be surprised if they had more than a year to do the port.
SilentNegotiator  +   1045d ago
That could only be true if they gave the PC version REALLY crappy textures.

In which case, you have their lazy development to thank, not the Wii U's power.
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Qrphe  +   1044d ago
It's gonna be like NFS:MW all over again where the Wii U version looked marginally better than the other consoles but still at 720p.
MasterCornholio  +   1044d ago

I thought that eurogamer confirmed that the Wii U version was sub HD. Or am I wrong?

Motorola RAZR i
Qrphe  +   1044d ago
I looked it up and you're right; it runs at 1280x704 in all three consoles.
-MD-  +   1044d ago
You actually think it'll look better than the PC version? So naive.
BosSSyndrome  +   1044d ago
Um... A developer at SE SAID it looked better than PC.
Orionsangel  +   1044d ago
The Wii U is Nintendo's idea of next gen. Porting over games from last gen to next gen is not my idea of next gen.
deafdani  +   1044d ago
You should take a look at the PS3's and 360's game lineup in their first year. Lots of PS2 / original Xbox ports there.
r40k213  +   1044d ago
The statement "even sharper than the PC version" is pretty much impossible.... I'm sure the developer was just bragging.
skipper  +   1044d ago
People can say whatever they want....YES Wii U IS next Gen....let them all go play in their sandboxes. Really???? Could Wii U been even remotely available back then Like 7 years ago....It is NOT a 7 year old console that is dated, it does WAY more than other consoles to date. It is for at least a few more months the most powerful console on the market....Oh gosh let the disagrees begin......
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AJBACK2FRAG  +   1044d ago
I know right? Lol! This is great news. I can't wait to pick this bad boy up! Way to go boys! Way to go! We Wii U owners cannot stand for lazy ports anymore. That's how so much shovelware ended up on the Wii. Because people bought it! I can't wait for e3! I only wish I could be there to watch Nintendo show the haters how it's really done and show Mikey P. what it takes to win in this business! Groooovy!
Lykon  +   1044d ago
i wont be buying any consoles with the word 'wii' in the name . no no no . not even if they have put a 48k expansion ram pack in the fail box this time . no . go away
#1.12 (Edited 1044d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Jadedz  +   1045d ago
Support the cause (you want third party support for the Wii U? Buy the titles that deserve sales).
lilbroRx  +   1045d ago
In my general opinion, "old ports" don't deserve sales but it seems that they are actually putting in effort to make this good.

I will likely pick this up if its priced right. I'm not paying $60 for an old PS3/360 game.
#2.1 (Edited 1045d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Theyellowflash30  +   1045d ago
I agree, the price is too steep though, $49.99 for a enhanced port is a little too much.

I think if they would have sold this game for $29.99 it would sell out.

Square Enix should have brought Tomb Raider to the Wii U. I would have bought that game on the system.
#2.1.1 (Edited 1045d ago ) | Agree(22) | Disagree(0) | Report
Summons75  +   1044d ago
you won't be saying that when MGS5, Last of Us and God of war get ported to the ps4....
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1045d ago
Truth "Well Said"

I also think a nice "thank you" to the people who put the time and work in is also a must.
Twitter/Company Forums/Customer-Support/Custom er-Comments/Facebook...

I am not saying that we need to grovel but sometimes letting the developers/porters know that their efforts are appreciated helps.

Esp. During this time where WiiU is still growing its base. They might start on another port just because of the excitement of a relative few because they think that the base will grow by way of customer recommendation.
Crillvirus81  +   1045d ago
Well said I wish more gamers had your mentality
herbs  +   1045d ago
Happy to see someones making good use of Nintendo's decent hardware and excellent Gamepad. The system has a lot of potential and it's to bad so many developers will not invest the time money and effort like these guys have.
Neko_Mega  +   1045d ago
Thats Wii U for you, Nintendo fans get the leftovers from Sony and Microsoft.

The Wii U will never be as big as the Wii and I see it doing poorly the gen.

Click disagree if you think this is true (seeing how you fanboy's will click disagree).
#4 (Edited 1045d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(26) | Report | Reply
Brucis  +   1045d ago
>hurr if I say click disagree they won't do it

That isn't even high-school tier reverse psychology.
Realplaya  +   1044d ago
LOL Right hell I clicked it because I couldn't refuse that invitation.
_QQ_  +   1045d ago
i don't think bayonneta 2 and monoliths X will bebetter than they were on the ps3/xbox 360, but i mean they are just leftovers right.
syphon32  +   1044d ago
bayonetta with 1 n, and the game is a sequel not a leftover port.
_QQ_  +   1044d ago
thats the point i'm making.
lilbroRx  +   1044d ago
Xenoblade was never on the PS3/360
SonyPS4  +   1044d ago
I clicked disagree because I simply disagree. And before you pull that fanboy card on me, consider the fact I don't even own or want a Wii U. You trolled on a Wii U article saying it will do poorly but failed to explain why it will. Baseless. That is why I (and probably many others) clicked disagree. PS4 and 720 will be my consoles, but man the Wii U hate is pathetic.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   1044d ago
Lol! The Wii U is going to take the eighth generation! Nintendo's going to be number one AGAIN! The Wii U will be the least powerful system. Nintendo develops the best software in the world. The Wii U s built like a tank. Short sighted people can't see that but once you learn about lateral thinking with withered technology you'll understand exactly what Nintendo are up to.

Roykoopa64, Hell yeah! Once people get a taste of Miiverse on their phones and laptops the Wii U in my opinion is going to blow up!

ck1x, Exactly! Brilliant!

delboy, You sound like a bitter old man. Nintendo stole the top spot again. Don't cry.
#4.4 (Edited 1044d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
roykoopa64  +   1045d ago
I'm excited for this! It's great to hear about the improvements to the game. I've been very happy with the Wii U since day 1.
yewles1  +   1044d ago
“It's even sharper than the PC version.”

tweiuoisf   1044d ago | Spam
XabiDaChosenOne  +   1044d ago
Hopefully this port doesnt end up being a waste of time for these devs and the game actual sells unlike the "definitive" version of need for speed most wanted.
#8 (Edited 1044d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
azshorty2003  +   1044d ago
This is the one and only game I am currently jealous of from the WiiU. Deus Ex was one of my favorite games this gen. I've played through it 3 times. And to have it with improved graphics and fixed boss fights makes me water at the mouth. I really wish it would release on other systems, but I won't hold my breath.

I really hope that WiiU owners comprehend what they are getting with this release and buy it. Don't complain about 3rd party support and pass up on this release.
imsocool1234   1044d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
MooseyXTC  +   1044d ago
Would buy just for the Developer Commentary.
Such an interesting gameworld, would love to hear them extrapolate on it.
Ck1x  +   1044d ago
Here's what's funny to me... Everyone knows that this is Nintendo's 1st HD console, so why not give them a little time to get there bearings on pushing the system. We all know that Retro Studios has developed a graphic engine that will push the WiiU, just like Naughty Dog pushed the PS3. Games like Bayonetta 2, New Metroid, Xenoblade 2 and Shen Megami x Fire Emblem will most likely be the first games that truly stand out on the WiiU. Simply because the WiiU is such a customized piece of hardware that it will take time for developers to fully optomize they way of making games for the system. E3 will change everyones perception of the WiiU watch! You don't stay as quiet as Nintendo has been unless you know that you are sitting on something major...
delboy  +   1044d ago
Anyone remembers, this game was a flop, it was 10$ two months after the launch.
Back then Cows & Lemmings didn't care about that game, but now they do so.
And now it's a leftover, just STFU and go play your shooters console.
They also have a problem with the price, but are ready to pay for HD re-releases,or worse ps2 ports, because Sony took away BC, but that's OK because everything Sony dose is great and cool.
I feel sorry for the Cows, and I own al Sony cosoles, except for handhelds.
#13 (Edited 1044d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
Dark_Overlord  +   1044d ago
"Anyone remembers, this game was a flop"

Metacritic for the game is 90 for PC and 89 for PS3/XBOX


"Deus Ex: Human Revolution sold 2.18 million copies between launch and 30th September, publisher Square Enix has revealed in its bi-annual financial report."

The game released at the end of August 2011, so in 1 month the game sold 2.18 million copies and you class that as a flop? wow, seems we have different interpretations of what a flop is.

Also adding to that, it is now April 2013, so sales from September 2011 to date (Which also includes the game releasing in Japan for consoles and also on MAC's worldwide) are not included.

IMO Deus Ex: HR is far from being a flop
#13.1 (Edited 1044d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
macknasty69  +   1044d ago
And EA said that the Wii U wasn't a next gen console.....hello EA they said that because of the Wii U's software that they were able to make this copy of the game the best out of the current consoles...looks like you guys were lying about Battlefield 4...chumps!
urwifeminder  +   1044d ago
Seems too much to do in the game for me it looks great but so far ive only put in about 3 hours in and achieved nothing lol.
lilbroRx  +   1044d ago
Everyone seems to have skipped this line

"Pedneault was cagey about details and wouldn't get into specifics, but said that the Wii U hardware allowed the team to feature a new lighting system, improved fog, improved shadows, and antialiasing."
Dark_Overlord  +   1044d ago
I do believe the comment of

“Right now, this is the best-looking Deus Ex,” Pedneault said. “It's even sharper than the PC version.”

Will regret being said, I'm sure when its released somebody is going to do a comparison with a High End PC and prove that statement wrong.

Oh well, the game is still great regardless of how it looks :)
lovegames718  +   1044d ago
Wait, wait, wait!!!! Let me get this straight Lol you guys are touting next gen graphics off of old old ports that look only marginally better Lol hahahaha talk about grabbing for straws. You guys are dumb all three devs are just using Wiiu as a super port machine to resell old assets. These changes could have been done on anyyyyy current system they have had more time, have reused old assets and just optimized the game and sharpened textures, Weren't you the same guys saying need for speed looked like PC! Gtfo out of here they tricked you Lol it had some PC textures mixed in with the old assets and looked negligibly better with less players on online mode as well due to crappy Wiiu CPU Lol

Bottom line you guys can be gullible all you want but digital foundry and others at neo GAF already dissected Wiiu die and already stated Wiiu is not next gen in power and thy are professionals, Nintendo purposely hasn't talked about Wiiu hardware specifics because they are hiding facts. All these old supposed definitive ports can be done on any current gen systems, look at ninja guidon supposedly definitive version on Wiiu Lol but just re released on ps3 with everything on Wiiu and better frame rate because Wiiu although supposedly next gen Lol had issues with that.

Its called PR talk to milk and sell old games stop talking for it and demand new games, They are using Wiiu as a damn port machine more so then any other console and I wouldn't accept it. Not to mention all these ports seem to only slightly upgrade in one area but perform worse in others. Frame rate seems to be a big issue with Wiiu and many things on screen.
BattleTorn  +   1044d ago
This is great news. My Wii U is dying for something (that interests me) to play. Also works out well cause Deus Ex was a game i skipped at its' launch (because of Dead Island/GoW3 ??)

It's funny how I'm more than willing to look at buying a game, that I haven't (even on sale on steam for real cheap), yet kinda get excited to have a game for my Wii U.

My Wii U is dying for a reason not to be on craigslist :P (oh wait, it is...)

PS. I think Dues Ex is excellent game for gamepad features!
#19 (Edited 1044d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Neonridr  +   1044d ago
you should give Lego City an honest look. I am having a blast with that game. Definitely one of the better games on the system thus far.
BattleTorn  +   1044d ago
huh, thanks!

:S I didn't know it had released!
#19.1.1 (Edited 1044d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Phil32  +   1044d ago
I missed out on the original, so this port actually interests me. Maybe there IS a market for this.

Actually, no, probably not a market for this. Never mind. :P
Lionalliance  +   1044d ago
I'll wait till they change their minds when the sales are not what they expect.
arbitor365  +   1044d ago
after the failure that was "NFS wii u" (selling 7000 copies opening week. not even native 720P. 30 FPS) wiiu fanboys are hyping up another port of an even older and less relevant game. wooowww

when I heard they were porting this to the wii u, I honestly thought it was a troll article. you cant be serious, nintendo. no one cares about these last gen ports. the wii u is supposed to be a next gen system. what a joke
#22 (Edited 1044d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Neonridr  +   1044d ago
So I've never played this game before, so I want one of the "haters" in here to explain to me why I shouldn't get this version for the Wii U if it has the most enhancements / features. Basically you are all telling me that I should go out and purchase an inferior version for no other reason than it's cheaper. That anything extra that has been added is just useless and I'd be better off with the original vanilla version for say the 360 or PS3?

The logic train at N4G has seem to run off the tracks lately..
#23 (Edited 1044d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
lex-1020  +   1044d ago
So I'm not a hater of the WiiU. I think it has great potential, Nintendo is just not using it right. And I love Deus Ex. If you have never played the game before and really want to buy it on the PC first. It's only like $5. To me, as someone who has played Deus Ex multiple times, "enhanced graphics" and "improved boss fights" doesn't justify a new purchase.

"Enhanced Graphics" don't mean much to me because the game is predominately yellow and black. No matter how "enhanced" the graphics are there is only so much they can do with a game that's black and yellow.

Boss fights did need a massive overhaul though, and I'm interested in seeing what can be done with the second screen. But my advice. Try the game first. Buy a cheap "inferior" copy and if you like it and just have to have the new features than buy it. But realize that you will be supporting the porting of old games to a new system that is in desperate need of games, and you will be encouraging developers to not make new games, only to port old ones to the system.
arbitor365  +   1044d ago
anyone who thinks the wii u version will be as good as the PC version is completely delusional. you will be lucky if the game is even 720 native and running at a solid 30FPS.

and by "new gameplay" they just mean more pointless touch screen gimmicks and maybe some DLC

this is just another irrelevant, last gen port that no one is going to buy.
BosSSyndrome  +   1044d ago
You should uh... you should probably read the article.
Hayabusa 117  +   1044d ago
Please, please, please release this on the 360/PS4! I will pay full price for your game (again) if you do! I just won't buy a Wii-U.
lex-1020  +   1044d ago
The title to this article accurately demonstrates the problems with gammers this generation. "Forget fixing a gameplay problem, look at these graphics!!!!!11!!!" "Look at how pretty this is, sure it's still a little broken but man it sure looks good." Gammers this gen think graphics>Gameplay and that is why videogames are going to fail eventually.
birdykilla  +   1044d ago
I love this game, good pickup for nintendo!
2pacalypsenow  +   1044d ago
who cares? If you have a ps3/360/pc and somehow you don't have it buy it for like $20 or $12 used instead of the $60 for the wii U. Funny some people never cared to play this but now that its on the Wii U "omg i always wanted to play this now i can" ......
#28 (Edited 1044d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
chukamachine  +   1044d ago
Awful looking game on any system tbh.
_FantasmA_  +   1044d ago
Good game but its dirt cheap now. Hell, it was dirt cheap just a few months after release. I got it for like $15 less than 6 months after release. The gameplay and enviroments are top notch but the story is so weak and the side quests don't add much to the main storyline. I wish they would have made the sidequests more important and that missing them would have taken away from the overall experience. Also a third area to explore would have been nice. I thought it was real cheap and cheating when we had to return to Detroit again then to Henghsa again both for a second time. The game just fell apart in the end. Still it was my favorite game of 2011 and had an epic soundtrack. Hopefully the next Dues Ex is longer and more varied.
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