Toshiba faces $986-million loss on HD-DVDs

TOKYO - Japan's Toshiba Corp. is likely to book a 100 billion yen ($986-million U.S.) loss in its high-definition DVD business and post a full-year operating profit of around 250 billion yen, falling short of its outlook, the Nikkei business daily said on Thursday.

Shares of Toshiba opened down 2.3 per cent at 717 yen on the report.

Toshiba's decision to pull the plug on HD-DVDs will entail production line changes and other charges that would double the 50 billion yen loss the electronics group had previously expected this business year on next-generation DVDs, the Nikkei said.

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HarryEtTubMan3660d ago

OWNED. I wonder how many billions Sony will make and Microsft will lose for trying to take on Playstation and thinking they can out smart Sony?

tidus0073660d ago

MS is a BAS**** company banned in most parts of europe and asia

It is the worst company in the history of mankind .


MS is a friend of NONE

Hopefully LINDOWS will completely kill VISTA at launch. this is hopefully the last year of MS and X360

Frnicatr3660d ago

Calm down, boy. Your hate towards Microsoft exceeds what is tolerated.

Sure, Microsoft isn't up to par with Sony, but your hate towards them disgusts me.

tidus0073660d ago

That garbage box 3 FIX ME and MS are both finished

SONY doesnt rip people with defective consoles like MS

Only an abnormal like you would ever support an EVIL INSTITUTION Like M$$$$$$$$$$

WIIIS13660d ago

It appears that someone who used to do sanitary washroom duties at one of Microsoft's more obscure offices was recently given the sack and he's still seething with anger.

mikeslemonade3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Microsoft is the one who will be paying most of that money. You really think Toshiba would invest $1 billion on something like that?

tidus0073660d ago

within 2 years MS will be fully dead

However x360 is finished

GTA4 is already looking superior on PS3

can we now say that MS is finsihed with x360

Danja3660d ago

getting a lil ahead of ourselves there tidus...i mean im all for the PS3..but the 360 is fine..maybe it's sales have slowed but it's not dead....but ur right in about 2 years the 360 will be dead..cuz the xbox 720 will be getting ready to launch and you know what happens to the old system...M$ kills it prematurely...

tatotiburon3660d ago

well toshiba good fight though, somebody had to loose, better luck next time, don't worry about the millions lost if Sony could came up after LASERDISC, BETA and UMD you can came up with something new in the future.

Well bring up Star wars Saga on Blu-Ray please Lucas!

sonarus3659d ago

they need to start releasing epic movies on blu ray to provide more ppl with the incentive to buy blu ray players.

life goes on for Toshiba, but they should have pulled out months ago.

jaja14343660d ago

Darn they lose 100 Billion and now are forced to make(expected) only 250 Billion yen... I wish I could say that. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.