Exclusive: David Hayter Elaborates on MGS 5 Absence

EP Daily’s old pal David Hayter has given us an exclusive interview about his absence from Metal Gear Solid V.

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rodiabloalmeida1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

David will always be Snake for a great amount of people that knows Metal Gear Solid frachise since MGS1. I don't know what kojima is up to, but David is already been missed right now as Snaker's voice. He IS Snake, if I can say that way. I hope for a surprise.

generic-user-name1881d ago

You're right, Hayter IS Snake, but he's not Big Boss, and in V Snake has become Big Boss (compare his face to Big Boss's at the end of 4, he is now identical to that).

I still think (hope) that Hayter will make some form of an appearance in it, maybe as a young Solid Snake at the very end of the game.

I hate that such an iconic voice will be absent but it does fit with the story.

Eamon1881d ago

what are you talking about? Solid Snake is the clone of Big Boss, so it makes absolute sense for them to have the same voice actors. The reason why Big Boss in MGS4 was voiced by someone else is because he's like 80 years old and it would sound a bit strange seeing two different people talking with the same voice and since Hayter was already putting on an older voice for Old Snake.

The fact is, there is no real story reason for him getting dropped.

-Gespenst-1881d ago

@generic: Hrm not really, he should really just sound like old-snake but not as old. I don't need to tell you that Hayter was Big Boss in both Snake Eater and Peace Walker.

cpayne931881d ago

He played Big Boss in mgs 3, Portable ops, and Peace Walker.

Blacktric1881d ago

He will be back. Period.

See how that fits? That lipsync was tailored for Hayter's delivery. Not Otsuka's.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1880d ago

@Eamon. Liquid and Solidus were clones too and they didnt sound like Big Boss or Solid so you are wrong.

Eamon1878d ago


Did you know that the japanese voice actor of Solidus is the same as Solid and Big Boss?

Just because they don't sound like each other in the english voices, they still have virtually the same DNA. Regardless, Big Boss and Solid Snake have always had the same voice except in MGS4.

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DragonKnight1881d ago

So, anyone still think it's a prank?

Jayjayff1881d ago

Certainly do hope it is.

Tetsujin1881d ago

I'm calling right now its some sort of "Fan response" to a what-if situation. I've never heard of such hype, and talk about someone not voicing a character in a game; I've heard of some voice actors who died, however not talked about at this magnitude. I wonder how different this would have been if Nolan North was to stop voicing Nathan Drake, or if someone else was to have voiced Cole from Gears of War.

Yes, if true someone else is voicing Big Boss he will be missed, and yes I will still buy/support Metal Gear Solid because I am a big fan of the series, and no I'm not going to think differently of the series just because someone else is voicing the character.

Etseix1881d ago

i hope Kojima gets to make a remake of the saga, and then including hayter on it,
will be weird, to play as Naked Snake without Hayter.

HeavenlySnipes1881d ago

They can't do this. Konami and Kojima are gonna have to cave, because like he said, this franchise is 15 years old. It's not like Infamous that was only 1 game

You can't just change the voice actor of a character 15 years after we've gotten used to it :/

-Gespenst-1881d ago

Mainstream games journalism and advertisement = Dubstep and super-exaggerated reporting accents.

But yeah I just hope Kojima hasn't kicked out David for the actor in the upcoming film. Seriously, minus respect for that if it's the case. That film is almost definitely going to suck unless it's really experimental and wacky like the original game, which it definitely won't be. I don't know why Kojima just doesn't direct it himself...

Also I think it's safe to say this isn't a prank. I don't know how you could expect anyone to find this funny.

RevXM1879d ago

Kojima should be co-Director at least.

We will see when it nears wether it is a movie worth going to the cinema's for.
Hopefully yes.

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