PlayStation All-Stars Patch 1.11 out now on PS3 and PS Vita, is Minor

Anyone who started playing ​PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale ​recently today would have been able to download patch 1.11 to either their PS3 or PlayStation Vita.

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TrendyGamers1811d ago

Now we wait for more characters.

ftwrthtx1811d ago

Was there a previous issue with DLC?

dbjj120881811d ago

I stopped playing this completely. The DLC characters didn't hook me.

dgonza401811d ago

Thanks for letting us know..?

andrewf911811d ago

I'm still playing it to this day, DLC characters might not be the bee's knees but, at least they add more replayability to the core game and a change of pace with the old characters.

BXbomber1811d ago

WTF another 855MB yo seriously this is getting out of hand, every patch or what not is almost a GB.....i'm literally running out of space on my vita cuz of this game ....damn it

TrendyGamers1811d ago

The patch itself is about 1MB it seems. Overall patch sizes for PS All-Stars are 855MB on Vita.

Mookie1811d ago

Did it fix the no sound on the main menu and the end of the round timer sound no sound at all

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