LEGO City Undercover has all the right pieces - GameZone Review

GameZone writes, "The evolution of LEGO games is actually quite astounding, especially if you've been a devoted fan of the franchise since its LEGO Star Wars roots. Each new title seems to expand on previous mechanics, but the advancement is noticeable. Enter LEGO City, a Wii U exclusive, open-world LEGO title that not only isn't attached to a movie franchise, but is without a doubt the best LEGO game to-date."

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Phil321909d ago

It certainly does. By far my favorite Wii U game. Nintendo needs to put this one in demo stations at stores. Would make some sales happen.

Neonridr1909d ago

love all the references in the game. So much fun to realize that it's not only aimed at kids..

USMC_POLICE1909d ago

Agreed I've already put in about 50 hrs.