Unreal Engine 4 Targeting Consoles, Not PCs. Part 3

Yeah, the Unreal Engine was once synonymous with cutting-edge PC graphics tech. Once. But in the future? With Unreal Engine 4.0? Well, it's going to be geared towards consoles, not the PC.

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Lifendz3720d ago

the consoles are thriving whilst PC gaming is...well...not doing so well.

JsonHenry3720d ago

I see the whole "PC gaming is dead/or gonna die soon" threads propped up by nothing factual and certainly nothing that takes into account PC hardware sales or digital distribution.

It reminds of the whole global warming debate. No real facts, just a bunch of guesses. I mean, western Europe was in a mini- Ice Age for 400 years. Why can't the Earth rise .7 degrees over 150 years?

Tell a lie long enough and people believe it.

PC gaming is not dead. Just go and ask Blizzard, EA, THQ, Valve... the list goes on.

VigorousApathy3720d ago

The five people who disagree with you must be time travelers from the 1980's lost in this strange and confusing world.

Kleptic3720d ago

Jason...the problem is people exaggerating it...not that it isn't happening...

There is plenty of factual evidence of a slow decline in PC gaming...It initially started with XBL...all of a sudden the biggest draw for PC gaming was starting to be implemented better on a was was unified...and it worked just as well (considering the lack of high speed dedicated servers across every game)...

the downside was the required fee MS imposed...making it reach mass appeal much slower...PC gamers were used to mods...were used to free map packs...were used to being able to manipulate the games personally where ever they wanted (another function of the mod support)...paying just to play other people online wasn't welcomed with open arms...

but now there is another that supports all of that...which has the potential to interest a lot more people, including more PC gamers...a small example is UT3 for the PS3...just glance through the forums every once and a while...more often than not you will see guys saying "I ended up just getting this on the PS3 instead of upgrading my PC...other than the small graphical hit, the PC offers no other lacks a lot of the services that the PSN has"...if the PC community was even half of what it was at the end of the 90's, you would get kicked off the forum for saying something like that...

the biggest factor though is listening to developers...Valve has admitted they are the ONLY hardcore PC development studio left more or less...they admitted to being late to the show for consoles, and that their console development planning is a joke compared to the likes of Epic and iD (which is optimizing TE 9 for consoles currently)...every other Major PC game has, or soon will have, a console version, that will destroy it in sales...

You can argue that tracking PC gaming sales is hard...which it is in terms of hardware...but software sales paint a much clearer picture...Publishers are quickly taking notice to the fact that software, despite being more expensive on a console, will easily triple the sales of the PC version...while there is far less licensing stuff to go through for the PC game, the console version will still easily double the profit margin of the indentical game...

as a whole, consoles are becoming more popular than ever...People are much more keen to the idea of everything being unified (network, plays all the games, etc.) than they used to be...the days of upgrading a PC ever other year to play the single big new game are quickly diminishing...

overall though...its not happening as fast as what some are saying...but it is wise, the PC gaming market isn't growing...and when a business isn't growing...its closer to shrinking than anyone is comfortable with...

the real issue you should have asked about is giving facts on how the PC gaming market is 'better than ever'...

JsonHenry3720d ago

That is funny because the biggest thrills I get from PC gaming is getting to upgrade every year or so!

Maybe the mind of a PC gamer is just different than that of a console gamer. I prefer the better graphics, the better hardware, the upgrading, and the newest cutting edge graphics year after year.

Maybe console gamers are just content with the same old same old for about 5-7 years at a time whereas PC gamers want more. MORE!!!

But I on the flip side - for the uniformed or monetary-challenged I can totally understand console gaming. I enjoy console gaming as well, but I would throw my PS3/360 under the bus to save my gaming PC rig!!

Jon Cage3720d ago

Everybody gets their "thrill" in different ways. I don't get the same joygasm that Jason gets buying and installing new computer hardware. I would prefer to buy a new massage chair that I have had my eye on, or maybe a trip to Cancun with my family, or even buying new rims for my Mustang. I see the cycle of constantly upgrading your hardware as being a slave to your computer. I don't NEED the very top of the line rig, but I do still get that gaming high that we are all looking for. Not to discount the long and distinguished history of PC gaming, but consoles are where it's at right now.

Kleptic3720d ago

don't get me wrong...I used to heavily be into PC gaming...This is the first console generation in my life where I find myself without a need for a gaming PC...

but I was never fond of the upgrading...I hated sitting around trying to predict how well Half Life 2 and Doom 3 would scale hardware wise...only to find out I basically needed a entirely new video card to really get the games to be impressive...while last generations consoles had absolutely nothing compared to an expensive gaming PC, this generation is much different imo...

I have seen UT3 maxed out on a fully built rig right next to the PS3 version on a 42" plasma...and assuming you sit about 10 feet from the television, there was absolutely no difference that would bother me...

while I realize that the PS3 and 360 can't reach the same levels of resolution or AA...they can still pull of immensely impressive visuals that only one single PC game has topped (of which is Crysis)...and with Far Cry 2 taking the destructability of Crysis and implementing it fully onto the consoles...with a 'they are identical except for resolution'...looks like the consoles may be able to handle the same crazy physics as well...match that with superior online communities, and I have no reason to keep upgrading a PC anymore...

Forgranted3720d ago

Bubbles, for juxtaposing dying PC gamin with global warming. I agree if it is like global warming than there is no solid proof for the death of PC gaming, just very bias opinion.

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TrevorPhillips3721d ago

did u knwo that gears of war 3 will be using unreal engine 4 it will be for the next gen console ohh man i wanna see how it will look like :D

TrevorPhillips3721d ago

this engine will be crazy as just imagine it

Premonition3720d ago

Gears of war 3 will still be on Unreal engine 3 but and enhanced version, didn't you see the demo?

Harry1903720d ago

that actually was gears of war2,wasn't it?

TrevorPhillips3721d ago

theres nothing better then unreal engine

LinuxGuru3721d ago


You have GOT to be kidding me.

Do you know anything at all, or do you just spout happy-sounding crap?

Danja3721d ago

He's just "spout happy crap"..the Unreal Engine is so was great back in 2006 when Gears launched...


U dipsh1t scumbags must have missed the Gears 2 tech demo.

LinuxGuru3721d ago

The Unreal Engine does not impress me at all.

There are far superior 3rd-party engines available, and they all have better lighting, physics, and just better graphics in general.

psiom3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

UE3 sits graphically somewhere in the middle of other middleware. There's some beautiful Unreal Engine games, but none of them are the best of the best (in terms of looks).

You have to consider when EU3 was made though. It's fairly old now I think, no? It was made before the current console generation if I'm not mistaken, and was pretty freakin awesome when it first hit.

UE4, unless they have idiots working for them now, is sure to look pretty damn stunning before once again other engines take over.

LinuxGuru3721d ago

Then it better have the following:

- Real-time lighting engine that uses dynamic lights to cast dynamic shadows.

- Fix texture streaming issues

- Updated Physics engine that includes destructible environments (not just chunks blowing off pillars....I'm talking about whole damned buildings coming down - ala Crysis)...Unreal Engine mostly gets used in action games, so please have that included.

InYourMom3720d ago

You must of missed the Tech Demo that Epic gave at GDC for the latest updates to UE.

Expect to see all this in Gears 2.

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