Firmware 2.17 Now Available For PS3

All has been quiet on the firmware update front as of late, and PS3 owners have been stuck on 2.10 for almost three months now since the last update happened around Christmas time. However, that all changed tonight as Sony have stealthily released firmware 2.17 upon the world.


Sony has taken the time to comment on their US Blog to reveal the update is simply for improving the "operating stability of some online PS3 titles." So, if you've been having annoying lag or dropout problems in some games maybe you’ll have more success online now.

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sonarus3657d ago

lol these sony mf'ers are teasin us with this in game xmb sh!t

rushbd3656d ago

※ new PS3 (40GB model / CECHH00) standard PS2 software will work you.

what is this!!!

Mikelarry3656d ago

rushbd i see what you mean im about to freak out if it means what i think it means. men we can only hope it means what we both are thinking.

anh_duong3656d ago

rushbd this deserves a post all on its own.. 40gb with BC

acertainkid1023657d ago

I actually miss the monthly firmware downloads. I WANT NEW FEATURES!!!!!!

sonarus3656d ago

hahaha i remember that was a complaint by some people. Apparently sony was updating too much they didn't like it. I wonder when sony will be announcing xmb features

Panthers3656d ago

Updating too much leads to more bricked consoles and that meant more money sony had to spend fixing them.

EZCheez3657d ago

Other than support for Canon printers. Yay.

Breakfast3656d ago

Now thats something to get excited about

whoelse3656d ago

Actually that was in 2.10 or 2.00

princejb1343656d ago

just fixes to run the ps3 smoother, nothing serious i guess but i guess this will help ps3 later on with bigger firmwares cause of the lack of ram