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How Will The PS4 Compete

Signaling the pent-up demand for next-generation gaming consoles that's simmering in the market, GameStop (NYSE: GME ) indicated that it expected demand for the new Sony (NYSE: SNE ) PlayStation 4 to drain the supply. That's great news for the retailer, which has been struggling to keep up with changes in customer buying habits. But it's also good news for Sony, which is launching a new console into a market that's soon to be thick with second-tier gaming systems.

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-By putting out good release games
-A 'sweet spot' price tag
-Good exclusives
-Good interface
-Good and powerful hardware

We already know a lot about the PS4 and it is up to MS to see what they reveal but so far my money is on the PS4. CANNOT wait until E3. Also, people that think the OUYA and the android consoles are going to put a dent in the console market are people that don't know gaming, it's like saying the muscle car market is going to be damaged by the hybrid market because there are two completely different buyers in two different markets.

EDIT: "the PlayStation 4 controller actually looks very similar to the OUYA controller" lool, no not really they are kinda opposites, they may have 2 analogs sticks and buttons and touchpad but both are quite different

LackTrue4K1635d ago

There gana win over Microsoft by default!! Haha
Microsoft has showed nothing...

joab7771634d ago

Not true. Whild I an a hardcore gamer, I guess, and I will buy a ps4 at launch like many others, it doesn't necessarily mean that xbox won't be successful or sell more units. They r gonna do what they have to. This article talked about the death of the PC. What does this mean for a company that sells windows and office...not good. Unless u can get out in front of it. This is why they released windows 8, windows phone and the surface. And its why the new xbox will focus on entertainment as a whole, not just games. They probably don't care if sony sells to gamers first. Their priority will be to ultimately get an xbox into everyone's living room eventually at a good price point. Most ppl realize that its hard to make money these days on games alone. Miccros

jcnba281635d ago

I think the PS3 sales and exclusives will kill the PS4 launch.

Nilemonitors131634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Dude, do I smell envy, I see you trolling on every single Ps4 article there is, you probably hate everything sony, if sony raped you, report it to the authorities, we don't care if you hate it, we love it, I personally love nintendo and sony, and I hope every console does well. Ps4 WiiU LOVE. btw, don't claim you like sony and that you own all their consoles, I hate it when people do that to hide their hate towards something.

Magnus1635d ago

Sony will keep providing great customer service a great quality built machine and a great solid line up of titles. Games coming from Gurilla, Sucker Punch, Quantic Dream to name a few. And the fact they have a customer loyalty that has been around since the PS1 days. And Sony has also learned from their mistakes when they launched the PS3. Plus its up to personal preferance and what the customer wants Xbox 720 and what they have to offer and PS4 and what they have to offer.

RuleofOne343 1634d ago

You mean when the drive breaks down they will charge me $200 to fix it when it clearly is their responsibility.

LightningMokey1634d ago

I've had a PS3 for 5 years and nothing ever went wrong with it. If yours broke, you probably weren't using it right.

Also, what happens to your PS3 is your responsibility not Sony's and on top of that, have you ever figured out Sony will extend your warranty for cheap so it wont cost you $100?

StrongMan1635d ago

Sony will dominate with keeping core gamers at the forefront. Sony are the only company that did not abandon the hardcore gamers so how can they lose?

Evil_Ryu1634d ago

fanboy comment
Enjoy disagree

Nilemonitors131633d ago

Evil ryu, im going to send Akuma your way to kick your a$$, jk. No but really why is that a fanboy comment, he is just stating what he and 80 million people think.

majiebeast1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

So far, it looks like its the system to beat. If you look at everything they have announced so far. PS1,PS2 generation domination incoming. Microsoft couldnt beat Sony at their weakest, they stand no chance against them firing at all cylinders.

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