Diablo 3 on PS3: High expectations over the PC version

With the next-gen consoles just around the corner its worth contemplating the arrival of Diablo 3 on PS3 and the PS4 systems, and according to Blizzard the PlayStation 3 version is not “just functional” it said to be superior to that available on the PC. With that in mind, we understand that Blizzard initially started off as a console developer and members of the development team have spoken about making this game accessible for console owners.

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Rhezin1810d ago

really could care less about a Blizzard game on consoles. I'm a console gamer, but this is just wrong.

Minato-Namikaze1810d ago

blizzard games have been on consoles before.....

ColinZeal1810d ago

What´s the problem? I´ve been waiting for this. Controller support for a hack´n´slash game is superior to mouse/keyboard. I´d rather control my character and choose when to hit the enemy instead of clicking on places, enemies and then wait.

Stupid. Bring on Diablo PS3!

iPad1810d ago

If Diablo 3 can come to consoles, why can't SimCity 5 do the same?

Dee_911810d ago

because ea are bunch of lazy sons of [email protected]$$^%#s
and if it ever do, it will be watered down like the current sims on consoles...

WeedyOne1810d ago

I dont think console players will embrace this type of game...

Hanso1810d ago

im going to buy it for sure i love these dungeon crawling loot games- like torchlight but i hate playing on my
i dont know yet if its gonna be the ps3 or ps4 version for me though

BLow1810d ago

Really? Did you ever play the Baldur's Gate or Champions of Norrath series on PS2. This is pretty much the same type of game and I've been waiting for something like this for awhile for consoles. I can't wait!!!

Hanso1810d ago

in the ps2 era i had no internet so missed a looot of games xD

WeedyOne1810d ago

Well its not that console players wont enjoy the game. I just dont think that they will want to put in the time endlessly grinding the same content over and over to reach paragon lvl00 while at the same time finding loot that is worthless...

Console players tend to enjoy a game beat it and move on. I play console games as well as pc but just seems most console games arent built for longevity. Maybe this will change soon idk.

Neixus1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

explain demon souls / dark souls (before pc launch)

Hydralysk1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Not that I agree with WeedyOne's statement, but demon's souls/dark souls were much more similar to Monster Hunter than Diablo in terms of mechanics.

Also, in those games, the challenge is usually cited as the main attraction, whereas Diablo 3 is more about loot.

_LarZen_1810d ago

They have in the past so I don't see why D3 wont...?

ColinZeal1810d ago

There have been hack´n´slash games on consoles. Of course we will embrace this. I skipped the PC version for instance...

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Anthotis1810d ago

Of course the expectations are higher. They won't have to put up with bullshit always online DRM cutting off their single player games, and giving them lag in single player mode.

Blizzard can eat a dick.

Roccetarius1810d ago

While the last part is unnecessary, it's indeed bullshit that they do this. However, the only reason it isn't on the console versions, is that they're closed platforms already.

NateCole1810d ago

Well D3 while not as great as 1 and 2 is still better than 90% of games out now.

Blizzard have been dicks lately to the PC community but they are still wonderfully talented dicks.

Console only gamers are in for a treat.

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