Deus Ex: Human Revolution Wii-U Remake is a Missed Opportunity

GR - "Deus Ex: Human Revolution is getting an upgraded release—or "Director's Cut" on the Wii U, offering full support for the Wii U Gamepad, a reworking of the game's abysmal and widely criticized boss fights, and a whole lot more."

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USMC_POLICE1720d ago

Umm title does not fit article.

Draco1720d ago

If you don't read the entire article then, yes.

BitbyDeath1720d ago

The header states it won't be on Wii U.
The article states it will only be on Wii U.

Hence the title not fitting the article.

USMC_POLICE1720d ago

No I read the entire article hence why I said title don't fit ARTICLE

LordHiggens1720d ago

He's right...this only being on the Wii U is stupid...I hope it comes to other consoles as well.

lilbroRx1720d ago

Port begging is sad.

Do you call it stupid when Sony gets a game that no one else gets?

febreeze11720d ago

This game is not exclusive to wii's just the updates to the game. I'm pretty sure this update will eventually come to all platforms. Look at Rayman legends :P

Number-Nine1720d ago

the boss battles werent that bad.

Jobesy1720d ago

Still haven't played this game yet, what was so bad about the boss battles?

stuntman_mike1720d ago

they were out of place to the rest of the game. where the game normally gave you many choices to tackle your missions they took it all away from the boss battles, and made it feel very stilted and archaic.

MilkMan1720d ago

How is it a missed opportunity. Get the console and pick up the game. Play it as they wanted you to play it. They obviously had the opportunity to put it on any console and the devs themselves thought that WiiU + Deus Ex was a perfect match.

Problem solved.

JakemanPS319941720d ago

I'm a little surprised if it does stay exclusive. I was pretty sure that square would want as much money as humanly possible by releasing on all platforms.

dungeonboss1719d ago

They already have as much money as they were going to make on the other consoles. How is releasing a free patch going to make them more money?

However, to incentivize Wii U owners into buying a two year old game, it only made sense to enhance it and fix up a few issues.

JakemanPS319941719d ago

I was thinking more along the lines as making you pay for it by just rebranding it. Ala capcom

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