Can Tomb Raider devs be convinced to add single player DLC? (TechZwn)

The key names involved with Tomb Raider development claim that their plans for DLC content is focused purely on multiplayer, even though the game mode is, for lack of a better word, rubbish. But in a new forum post we may be able to convince them otherwise.

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HarryMasonHerpderp1905d ago

I'm pretty sure the game we got was the game they wanted to make so why do we need more single player? Just wait for the sequel.

RememberThe3571904d ago

I just finished the game yesterday and I agree. They could add some more traditional tombs though, not necessarily story DLC.

Jek_Porkins1904d ago

I don't think so, I mean they usually are working on DLC before the game even releases, add in the fact that sales were supposedly "disappointing" and you get what you get.

It does suck that the only DLC is multiplayer, which is the weakest part of the game to begin with.

Williamson1904d ago

I don't see it happening but I would love it if they did.

N81904d ago

After i finished it I traded mine in after I heard there would be no single player dlc.

Soldierone1904d ago

if they dont then whatever, they will be saving me some moolah!

Was ready to shell out for some type of DLC pass for this game, but once I found out it was all for the dumb multiplayer I put my wallet away

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