EIEIO 08 Preview - Dungeon Hero at

From Ophelea, "When I was a youngun', dungeons were scary places beneath castles where mean people took nice people to torture them on machines with names like "the rack". Once I reached the ripe old age of 6 (years, not months), the boy next door started playing AD&D and needed me - his lackey - to sketch out dungeons on graph paper for him. They became windy twisty places of right angles where treasure was kept and monsters lurked around corners. That is unless I erased a corner or two. But they definitely had treasure.

Developer Firefly Studios would have us believe that dungeons are actually communities where said monsters live! Hah! They have families and businesses; politics and petty squabbles; and we, the intrepid hero in search of the ever elusive gold is actually disturbing their peace with constant invasion. Silly, silly developers, ruining the images of my childhood."

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