Pre-Order Dead Island Riptide on Steam Get Free DLC and a Giftable Copy of the Original

Dead Island Riptide is now available for pre-order on Steam. Bonuses included.

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alexcosborn1845d ago

Anyone excited about this game?

xPhearR3dx1845d ago

Me. Just having a hard time deciding which version I should get. Most of my friends still play on Xbox while I switched to PC. I want to play with them, but I also want the best version and better performance. Damn friends. They need to get a PC already lol

ftwrthtx1845d ago

That's a common problem. Consoles are much cheaper than a great gaming PC, but you lose the overall quality of the game itself.

-MD-1844d ago

I'm pretty excited for it, the first one was really fun in coop.

ftwrthtx1845d ago

If you are getting this on steam anyway, you might as well pre-order it for the bonuses.

R_aVe_N1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

somebody can feel free to gift me the original XD I never got to play it lol

steam ID: r__ave__n