1UP Previews Plunder

1UP writes: "When Halo multiplayer designer Max Hoberman left Bungie in 2006 to start Certain Affinity, few knew what to expect from the new company. It was located in Austin, staffed with a handful of ex-Bungie employees...basically all we knew was it seemed likely they'd make multiplayer games -- a theory proved true as they announced their first two projects: a multiplayer map pack for Halo 2, and porting/matchmaking work on the Xbox 360 version of Left 4 Dead.

Now we have word on the third project, and the company's first original game: Plunder, a grid-based, pirate-themed (watch us squirm as we resist the Pimps at Sea reference) real-time strategy title that eliminates a lot of the complexity seen in most RTSes. As Hoberman describes it, "It's an action-RTS, single-player and multiplayer, and pirate. That's it.""

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