I Just Noticed the 'Grand Theft Auto' Box Art Similarities...

Anthony Accinelli of has created an image showing the similarities in the Grand Theft Auto box art throughout the years. Helicopters? Check. Hot girls? Check. Same placement?! Check!

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AvidGamerrrr1845d ago

I always thought they were random haha. Nice catch.

Derekvinyard131845d ago

What the? There is no similarities there all random, this article states that there's always a sexy female to the left, 3 lcs and Vcs don't have that, a man with a gun got the right is not in all of them. The bikes and the helicopters are there tho

irepbtown1844d ago

I think the point is; it happens regularly.
E.g.) There is ALWAYS a Helicopter in the top left however the rest differs a bit however there tends to be a motorbike top right.

With the sexy female, lay aside Vice City STORIES, Liberty City STORIES, the last 3 GTA's (IV, SA, VC) have a sexy female at the left mid and of course GTA V. These four have more similarities if you look carefully.

GTA III is odd, very different from the other GTA's.

Blaze9291845d ago

you can't have similarities when there are inconsistencies. Only things parallel with each other are the helicopter and bike placements.

Sarobi1845d ago

I never noticed the helicopter always being in the upper left...hmm

Cam9771845d ago

And why is this 'news?'
Head over to the GRAND THEFT AUTO Forums if you want to share this, something like this belongs there.

Heisenburger1845d ago

What's the issue here Cammy?

It's just someone having a little fun.

I prefer this to the constant torrent of "X" is doomed articles.

I'm sorry if you are having a bad day.... :/

YodaCracker1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

The helicopter in the top left box has always been tradition. Of the modern era GTAs, only the Chinatown Wars boxart does not have it there:


Moncole1845d ago

I saw this posted on Reddit a few days ago

TheGrimOfDeath1845d ago

Exactly, a guy on Reddit made this. He should be getting credit.

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The story is too old to be commented.