Five TV Shows That Would Make Great Games

TV shows are adapted into games all the time, with varying degrees of success. These are five TV shows that would make great games, plus a couple of honorable mentions!

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DigitalRaptor1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

I can honestly say this would be so awesome if done right.

They'd have to keep up with the writing of the series though and keep it as suspenseful and grounded on the characters. You know, we all saw how those LOST: Via Domus and Prison Break: The Conspiracy games turned out. We don't need another one of those.

They'd also have to keep up with the barrage of hilarious Walter performances.

Magnus1755d ago

Vikings or Sons of Anarchy

iGAM3R-VIII1755d ago

I was going to say Person of Interest but Ubisoft are making Watch_Dogs!!

DigitalRaptor1755d ago

These things need to be done right. I can't wait for someone to make a video game with the same flair as a show like Breaking Bad. Although I still think they are best left as TV shows. Perhaps video games aren't ready for this sort of expression, but I think the episodic treatment could work well, but it has to be done right to be successful.

CommonSense1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

It says Breaking Bad could do a good follow up side story, but I'm pretty confident Walter will be dead by the end, so that won't happen. Season 5 IS the follow up story. The epilogue, if you will. The main show really ended with Season 4.

Plus, I don't really see that being a good game. For one thing, could you imagine the media's outcry over a game that "glorifies" drug dealing?

@DigitalRaptor: Agreed, I think it should be unique IPs, not TV show adaptations/spinoffs.

Parapraxis1754d ago

It would make a horrific game, I absolutely love the show, but NO WAY could a game be made of its content.

On the other hand, a proper dev handling a Game of Thrones game would probably make for a good game.

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The story is too old to be commented.