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EDGE: "The previous Army Of Two releases may not have been able to rival the games they so clearly held in reverence, but they at least demonstrated a willingness to deviate from the common path with original ideas and a brash, though memorable, personality. And while it’s ironic that a game about a mercenary organisation that doesn’t play by the rules adheres so vehemently to the ones that defined its genre, it’s simply baffling that it manages to make so many mistakes within such a well-worn template."

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TheSuperior 1272d ago

damn and i was thinking about playing this game too. Thanks for the review edge-online!

Captain Qwark 91272d ago

i bought it. its an awesome game, not sure what all the hate is about. no its not the greatest game ever but its damn fun, 7.5-8/10

TheSuperior 1272d ago

I'm glad to know. I wanted to get it to play some good co-op with my sister. Maybe i will look into it after all. Thanks :)

aftrdark211272d ago

Demo was so-so. Could be fun in co-op. I'll wait for it to go to the bargain bin.... I got a backlog of games I need to finish anyway.

TheSuperior 1272d ago

that's a good idea too. I just picked up Bioshock infinite so it will be a while. I might just rent AOT at some point.

sprinterboy1272d ago

its a great game takes 1hr or so to get going

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Pintheshadows1271d ago

I know it is whoring but I made a bring back Salem and Rios page on Facebook. I know Army of Two wasn't the best series ever. It wasn't even the best shooter, but I loved it anyway. It had heart. That heart was Salem and Rios and without them the series is doomed.