BioShock Infinite’s first moments, and why game openings are so important

EDGE - People Can Fly and The Astronauts co-founder Adrian Chmielarz explains why the opening moments of Irrational’s latest are both revelatory, yet disappointing.

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goldwyncq1880d ago

Journalists are seriously running out of complaints for the game.

1880d ago
MoveTheGlow1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

"In the opening scene, these two characters are talking to each other and, as you can see, the guy is not happy with the fact that the woman is not rowing with him.

But how could she? There’s only one pair of oars."


Klopek1880d ago

This guy is spot on with his comments about the coins and always going in the wrong direction on purpose. I speak generally, not necessarily aimed at Bioshock.