PS3's Puppeteer: A Game Worth Being Excited Over

IGN - Studio Japan's way-off-the-radar PS3 exclusive is coming this fall. Allow IGN to give you a few reasons to be excited about this new,…

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dafegamer1719d ago

another goty contender for sure

Dylila1719d ago

awesome game which i cant wait to buy on day one. can you believe some people would buy a new system that doesnt have any games released on it for months and months while other real consoles continuously get new releases all the time.

Enemy1719d ago

Could end up best platformer 2013.

raytraceme1719d ago

Knack? I am more hyped for knack for the sole reason that carney said it will have a crash bandicoot feeling to it. Crash Bandicoot is my all time fav. platformer.

JakemanPS319941719d ago

Looks pretty cool ^_^ I'm surprised its not on vita though. Seems like it would fit.

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The story is too old to be commented.