The Next Xbox and Its Controller Are Currently Covered In Crazy Stripes

Kotaku - Controllers for the next Xbox as well as prototype versions of both Microsoft's new, powerful console and the machine's new, mandatory Kinect sensor have been in the hands of game creators since last month. But that's not much of a surprise. What is a surprise is that all of that gear is covered in criss-crossing, radiating black and white stripes. The console codenamed Durango currently looks like a zebra.

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-Mezzo-1879d ago

So it begins.

The process of Next-Box reveal.

I am Excite.

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HarryMasonHerpderp1879d ago

Let's just wait for Microsoft to make the announcement.
Everything else is purely rumour and speculation until then.
People need to stop hating so much on the next Xbox before it's even been released. If it does have DRM, zebra stripes and casual shovelware galore then it deserves all of the hate. Until then though just take it easy guys.

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Saigon1878d ago


Did you read the article. Though the source, it was actually good information. Granted the content is speculative because it could just be the development kit. I guess what I am saying is that Kotaku made a statement in the article about the controller, though looking and feeling the same, it is a little smaller than the 360 controller, but if you look at the PS4 leak, the DS4 controller mock-up the devs are using looks completely different than the 'new' PS4 DS4. I guess what I am hoping for is that MS does not change whats not broken but who knows, maybe the slightly smaller controller would feel better.

Dee_Cazo1879d ago

The fact you are already getting "disagrees" for this, just solidifies the point n4g is forever a biased news site.

Why can't you fanboys who earn nothing for your allegiance just enjoy the fact new stuff is coming even if you aren't purchasing it. I don't see you spamming Google with how stupid their glasses are because Sony didnt make them.

Septic1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Ah it can be frustrating but don't take it to heart. Just rest in the knowledge that unlike those with agendas on here phantom disagreeing with basic sentiments, you are a true gamer that is more concerned with the gameplay experiences afforded to you as opposed to politicizing such a rich and unique medium.

Many of us have gamed on a myriad of different platforms from Atari, Sega, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and others and truly understand what gaming is about and that's enjoying the games. Don't let the ignorance of others fester any hatred in you because you have more to lose than they do when they drag you down to their level.

On topic: I actually enjoyed this article from Kotaku. Interesting bit of knowledge there about the use of 'dazzle camouflage' used in World War I. Pretty clever of MS to go to such lengths if it is indeed true.

Washington-Capitals1879d ago

I am exited for PS4 News
1000 "agrees"

I am excited for next xbox news
1000 "disagrees"

The sole reason I stopped posting on this site. I have only owned sony consoles and a dreamcast and atari my entire life... I still dont understand how fanboys can be so cynical.

Another example of this is sony fanboys on kilzone and Crysis articles bashing crysis because its gameplay sucks or saying that KZ is better game. No its not on any level. Then when BF4 trailer comes out, they say KZ looks better. No it doesnt. I love killzone 2&3 SP. But thats it. Its a great looking console FPS but its Multiplayer is crap and the weighty control feeling is constricts it from mass appeal. That is the truth. No one plays KZ online.

xursz1879d ago

Didn't the same thing happen when the Psvita launched, though?

"I can't wait to get mine" - tons of disagrees.

I think its the fact that a lot of people aren't confident in supporting the next xbox because of MS shoving kinect down your throat and possibly looking to capture the lost audience of the Wii.

SilentNegotiator1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Some people aren't excited for the Next Xbox reveal post-Kinect and with all of the terrible rumors? How dare they?

_-EDMIX-_1879d ago

I'm sorry the DRM and always on connexion added with blocking of used games makes it very difficult to truly care about Microsoft's next system. we could wait until Microsoft announce is it but truthfully what's the point? at this point we had might as well confirm this news and information is 100 percent correct.

it was for the PlayStation 4 I'm not sure why its something different with Microsoft system. believe me all the hate this system is getting is completely warranted.

of course some of this is from angry fanboys but I can't really see every 360 owner being up and arms and happy about having 720 Block used games and have a always on connection for DRM.

TheSurg1879d ago

@ _-EDMIX-_

I will take you seriously once you will learn to read with understanding. Hell, english is not my first language just a thing I've learned when travelling and I see I can read better than you do. It was never said that xbox will not be able to run games offline, it simply states that xbox will always try to check games for updates and update them even when xbox is off/sleeping and connection is awailible. Stop with this nonsense already.

nukeitall1879d ago


"I'm sorry the DRM and always on connexion added with blocking of used games makes it very difficult to truly care about Microsoft's next system. we could wait until Microsoft announce is it but truthfully what's the point? at this point we had might as well confirm this news and information is 100 percent correct."

I don't even know why I bother answering you, because everyone here can see you are full of BS.

This is a rumor based on seemingly mis-interpreted another rumor about a product that really hasn't been announced. Yet you proclaim 100% certainty it is real?

Clearly you have an agenda and nobody is really listening to you, other than other people like you patting you on the back!

SolidStoner1879d ago

who cares how the consoles will look and what specs they have etc...

games is what you and I all need! It can look like zebra or pigeon if they like! If MS will not have any good software then they can FO...

also I have huge disrespect for MS not because its a console maker.. main reason is microsofts policy and high disrespectful prices for crap!

humbleopinion1879d ago

"I still dont understand how fanboys can be so cynical"
You misspelled stupid

Septic1879d ago


Nice display of maturity right there ;)

SilentNegotiator1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Sorry for being "immature" enough to point out major hypocrisy, and in a way that shows just how ironic it is. But as they complain about disagrees, they're getting a massive amount of agrees.

Perjoss1878d ago

Do you know what the funny part is? its in everybody's interest for MS and the 720 to do really well. The better the 720 does the harder Sony has to work to keep their fans and win over new ones. Trust me, if MS fell behind and sony had an almost free reign on the console scene they would not try so hard to 'Make Believe' :)

The fact that MS and Sony have been pretty much neck and neck is one of the best things to happen this gen.

SilentNegotiator1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I'll tell you what's immature; you guys not being able to handle the light of obvious hypocrisy shining in your eyes.

I was 100% correct that it's ridiculous to complain about disagrees while getting a bunch of agrees and it was not "immature" to put that illustration of my point in at the end.

But then Septic put in his little "maturity" keyword in so that he and the people that would rather see their hypocrisy hidden could all conspire to all report my comment as immature.

Talk about immaturity; hiding good criticism about blaring hypocrisy instead of facing the irony like adults.

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ajax171879d ago

Hell, I am a Sony loyalist and I am excited.

AngelicIceDiamond1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I don't understand why you have to be "loyal" just enjoy gaming overall.


DRM and blocking used games were NEVER part of the next box rumors...

irokster1878d ago

So am I and I'm not excited at all. Sure, I wanna see what MS is gonna offer but my mind is set on the new PS4 and regardless of what MS shows I wont be getting a new xbox.

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aceitman1879d ago

the machine's new, mandatory Kinect sensor have been in the hands of game creators since last month. so if devs got there hands on it last month whats to say about launching this year, not much I see next year . like the articles says. (which is likely to hit shelves in America late this year or early next.

Tr10wn1879d ago

I'm also excited! oh and those stripes are probably camera camo or something similar, car companies usually use them before unveiling their final product, i don't know if this is the case tho.

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Root1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

So no new changes then to the controller, no tweaks, no improvements, no added buttons...huh...for being next gen I just expected something a little different.

Even with the DS controller you saw small improvements from the DS to the DS2 and then to the DS3

Swagman23211879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

That isn't the controller. If you read the caption it clearly stats that it is a Xbox 360 controller. Just drawn up for an example of what the prototypes look like

SPARDA_4261879d ago

Lol, they said that they know what the controller looks like, and there is barely any improvement. The pic they showed, was a 360 controller, but they know that there isn't any improvements beside it being smaller.

Root1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Oh I was going to say but SPARDA has said what I was going to reply with


But were going to get motion anyway because they are going to shove Kinect down our throats.

creatchee1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )


Does the controller really need any "improvements" besides a better D-Pad? I don't want a touch screen, motion, etc on this.

TheSurg1879d ago

I don't see what improvements xbox controller need. D-PAD was fixed, nothing else needs to be done. It's the most comfy controller out there and yes I was a crazy dualshock fan back in the day.

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AngelicIceDiamond1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

You don't like anything Xbox so why does it matter to you or anybody on this site?

makes no sense.

EDIT: Yeah don't pull off that "its called criticism stuff" other fanboys will catch wind and use the same excuse from now on. "called criticism."

I'm not mad, but you never have anything good to say regarding the other console like most people on this site.

Yeah thanks for point out I have to update my profile. I haven't looked at it since I signed up.

"I only have an Xbox"

Even at the time Do you see me trolling PS3 or anything PlayStation? Or never having anything good to say about the other console? No

But sorry for generalizing you as the "hateful Xbox crowd" your only giving Xbox "criticism. You know its hard to tell the difference on this site...

Root1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Really because if that was true I wouldn't have a 360 along with a bunch of Xbox games sitting to the left of me.

Just because Microsoft are screwing up latley with it's core fanbase and pointing it out dosen't make it so you hate anything Xbox related so why try to go there. It's called criticism, I'm not going to bulls*** and say they are doing a good job because over the past few years ever since Kinect came into the picture they haven't.

What do you want me to say.....lie. No thanks, companies will never change if you just eat up any crap they give you.


Oh I see your p***** off...

" I only have an Xbox " - From your profile

Makes sense now....


Best controller?

Yeah ok then ¬¬

KillrateOmega1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Wow. You're not coming off as butthurt at all... /s

His opinion isn't unreasonable. MS hasn't exactly been doing much to garner a lot of favor over the past few years. Lack of exclusives, paid subscription for LIVE, paid subscription for Netflix on top of LIVE subscription, DLC & 3rd contracts, Kinect shovelware, etc.

pete0071879d ago

if they stick to the actual and best controller of all times, il be a happy man, bring tha games, the box i dont give a f**k

HarryMasonHerpderp1879d ago

The 360 has a great controller, is it the "best controller of all time" though? no not at all.

Thirty3Three1879d ago


I agree. I'm sure Sony takes the cake with their DualShock(s)

kickerz1879d ago

The controller is nearly perfect as is. Maybe a few slight tweaks is all it needs IMO. Also people complaining about the kinect camera coming wit every console you have to think, what dosnt come with a camera these days - laptops, iPhones, it's nearly standard to have a camera these days and yes if they focus on casual kinect games it will suck but I honestly don't think they will. If they do simple, I will get a PS4 but I'm gonna wait and see, find out everything there is to know then make my decision..

Gh05t1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I remember the awesome upgrades from PS > PS2 > PS3 in the controller department... The redesigns where amazing.

If its not broken don't fix it.

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SPARDA_4261879d ago

Mandatory Kinect? Looks like it may be true after all.

nosferatuzodd1879d ago

Mandatory Kinect?
Ha I'll pass on the one

Gildarts1879d ago

Mandatory Kinect does not mean that you hAVE to use it all the time. It means that it has to be plugged in.

You weren't going to buy it anyway so why am i even bothering?

stage881879d ago

I think every gamer apart from the casuals will haha

shoddy1879d ago

Mandatory kinect mean you have to pay for it wether you desire it or not.

MoveTheGlow1879d ago

Reserving the band name "Mandatory Kinect!" Dibs!

Objective1878d ago

Mandatory blu ray player as well. It just sucks.

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Gildarts1879d ago

You confirmed a rumor. By looking at another rumor?

Honestly I don't see the problem with mandatory Kinect. It just has to be plugged in. It doesn't mean you have to use it all the time.

yesmynameissumo1879d ago

Why buy something you won't use? So what if you don't have to use it. You have to pay for it.

BitbyDeath1879d ago

If you really want the next Xbox then you better start getting comfy with Kinect right now.

Their is no smoke without fire and chances are MS will be pushing Metro with a controller less OS as that is what they are pushing on Windows and MS Phones.

They wouldn't make Kinect mandatory without a reason.

WeedyOne1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

This just in!

Next box will run Windows 8 Metro tiles and will be navigated by Kinect 2. Oh Joy!

SatanSki1879d ago

And that actually could be good news. If eveyone have it, devs will support it. I have to see new kinect in action to judge anything but it has potential to be great addition for core games. Im not talking about controllerless play but additional minigames like content.

IcicleTrepan1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I'm hoping that it's 'mandatory' because it's going to implement the Illumiroom they were talking about a year ago. I imagine it just means that you won't be able to buy an Xbox without the Kinect bundled in, and it got misconstrued.

WeedyOne1879d ago

But they have to focus on lowest common denominator. Ps4 will not have Kinect so we will not see many multiplatform games using it.

Look at it this way, every PS3 controller has six axis but devs dont use that very often now do they?

SatanSki1874d ago

WeedyOne: Kinect is so much more then sixaxis but good point. Lets hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

kickerz1879d ago

Nothing wrong with having a camera, like I said above, most things these days come with a camera as long as it dosnt jack the price up too much I'm fine with it. Didn't I read somewhere PS4 comes with a camera?

BitbyDeath1879d ago

Hasn't been decided yet if it will come with a camera or not.

Probably find out at E3.

Nilemonitors131879d ago

Why would it be mandatory? does anyone know why?, would x box people still buy it if it was.

BitbyDeath1879d ago

OS and apps can be coded easier for Kinect if standard across the board.

aviator1891878d ago

I still don't understand why having kinect is such a bad thing, let alone being bad alone at all.
If ms really have massively upgraded kinect, response times should be much superior. And a possible 1:1 motion tracking and improved voice support would mean easier and quicker access to xbox menu items, media playback options, and a more unified system overall.

And the fact that it's included (if true) in all xbox 720's would mean that dev support would be strong.

And it'd be great for skype, webcam purposes.

Besides, if you don't want to do any of that stuff, I'm pretty darned sure it's optional.

I feel that having more options to do stuff is better and I just don't see any significant negatives to that.

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airgangstarr1879d ago

they cant make the kinect mandatory to make the xbox run an for one reason an one only if the kinects breaks falls an breaks or jus by defect then the console would be a paperweight.. the logic an bad rumors that spread about our own company a amercian made console is bad... i gurantee that in japan they dont rip playstation like amercians have been doin with the xbox rumors.. back ur country an the products that come out of it..

nosferatuzodd1879d ago

Oh if the product sucks eh no

KwietStorm1879d ago

If your only argument is that this thing should be supported just because it's American.. I don't even know..

WeedyOne1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

If they werent so greedy with wanting a subscription for live and so out of touch with core gamers i would be more inclined to support them...

I have had 2 360's but after halo 3 they have been collecting dust. Reason? No good exclusives that i cant get on my pc with better graphics.

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kudakadere1879d ago

Sound's ICONIC , i like it .