The Incredible Hulk Details

It's been about three years since The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction rumbled onto the videogame scene and showed the world what a superhero videogame is supposed to be -- namely, true to its source material

With a summer blockbuster of the same name looming in the distance, The Incredible Hulk and SEGA are out to continue the green one's legacy.

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TheHater3506d ago

I just seen the trailer for the movie, and I cannot wait for that movie. They finally got the look of the HULK right in these Live Action movies.

Violater3506d ago

edward norton??

slapsta723506d ago

look at the definition for his abs, could grate cheese on them

Rice3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

thats such a turn sideways....

Kami3506d ago

not even ronnie coleman or jay cutler have that definition. friken hulklooks like if he has 0 to .5% bodyfat.

Harry1903506d ago

came out of the blue....or green...or gray

Skerj3506d ago

Well it looks like they went with Radical's awesome Ultimate Destruction and just upgraded the graphics, that's all I wanted.

Doppy3505d ago

No PS3 version again :( . I'm getting tired of that.

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