Why I'm Not Sold On GTA V

"Vice City gave me that feeling, and I’d love it if Rockstar could show me something in GTA V that brings me back to a position where not playing it is out of the question. But, for now, my excitement’s other places, and Rockstar would need to do something special to change that."

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TongkatAli2083d ago

Denial isn't good for you.

black9112083d ago

I 100% Agree with this Article.

P.S Raiders Traded Carson Palmer. (FINALLY)

Hydrolex2083d ago

cool story bro ! no one cares

iGAM3R-VIII2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

I have to agree with you and the article as well, I just feel that Watch_Dogs seems like a new experience and new vibe, it is pretty much like GTA but you can 'hack' which I like, and I feel that another GTA will be like a usual GTA just a different storyline, graphics, vehicles, etc. I will probably pick up Watch_Dogs first and then buy GTA V, but if some gameplay at E3 from GTA might change my mind

Campy da Camper2082d ago

You got our boy Flynn. Hope it works out he's a good kid. Think we will keep Wilson though...

Good luck with your rival Denver! I'm sure Manning won't do

Derekvinyard132083d ago

" like you know exactly how 90% of the game will play." That's most games today tho dude, I do disagree with you tho, I have faith that rockstar will change it up enough, did you see the underwater pic?

ZodTheRipper2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

GTA 4 sucked compared to VC and SA. BoGT was much better but I'm not sold yet, either. Need to see some gameplay to get me hyped... but I already know I'll get it anyway ...even a bad GTA is better than most games :S

Sub-Zero852083d ago

As bad as I want gtaV I might have to pass on it due to the fact gtaV release September 17 ... With PS4 launching soon after it makes no sense to get gta V .

imtheman20132083d ago

Buy GTAV on your current console, then buy the new console? That seems pretty sensible to me. And who knows? It could also get a next-gen release along with the current systems.

brianunfried2083d ago

Dogs sold me, been wishing for dogs since San Andreas.

LOGICWINS2083d ago

I wonder if you can buy them and use them in combat. In any case, I'm not sold for the simple fact that I'm waiting for a PS4 version.

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The story is too old to be commented.