Antichrist Indoctrination For Youth Goes Xbox

Black Wing Foundation has announced the newest effort by hive-minders to prep the present generation for a false Christ and Antichrist through genetic modification.

The games maker announces "Salvation," an upcoming third-person shooter that is scheduled to be released for the PC and XBOX 360 in the second quarter of 2009.

The press release explains that in the year 2026, the World government resorted to stem cells and gene engineering to stage the Judgment Day. They created genetic replications of Christ and Antichrist and destroyed them right away in the course of events to set forth severe fundamentalism on Earth, propped up by the idea of communicating with God via machines as well as by an army of cloned creatures, called Angels.

Every step of mankind is controlled by the will of a handful of technocrats looking after several super-servers 'linked-up to heaven', so as to make any of their decisions the only and right one. The population is kept in constant stasis, technologies are forbidden, and each and every person has to 'repent' once a week. 'Repent' means a weekly brain-scan. For any wrong thoughts found, the individual may be executed or sent to Hell - a cybernetic virtual environment system that makes a person suffer immensely.

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LaChance3749d ago

thats strange...
I don't mess around with God , hell etc.
Couldnt thay come up with something else ?

jabberjak3749d ago

i may get diagrees for it but i think thats a pretty good story kind of reminds me of a story i read in highschool cant remeber the name but the premise behind it seems very interesting except for the whole server connecting to heaven ( may be cool) but then sending the person to hell through virtual seems dumb. but hey i might get it for the pc.

VirusE3749d ago

I am pissed about the story personally. I have been working on a movie script for a few years that sounds EXACTLY like this:(. Some subtle differences but lots of the same ideas.

SL1M DADDY3749d ago

Just what the Xbox 360 needs...

Bolts3749d ago

WTF is the Raider News Network? Is that a news network for Raider fans?

News flash dear readers, the Raiders is poised for yet another 4-12 season and still can't be the Chargers! All praise Al Davis!

Rooted_Dust3749d ago

Sound like the plot to an anime series. It also reminds me of a movie I saw at Walmart called The Judas Project, something about the Government trying to stop the Second Coming.

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