GameStop has information on Microsoft's next-gen Xbox

Microsoft has shared information about its next-generation Xbox with executives at US retailer GameStop, the firm's president has suggested.

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stuna11603d ago

Clue #1 digital goals! I think that's saying quite a bit!

Whatever Microsoft is planning they definitely will have to bring their "A" game.

Godmars2901603d ago

But is your idea of an "A" game *their* idea of one?

stuna11603d ago

So far what I've seen of the 360 in the last couple of years, and what Rumors are swirling about the next box, I don't think so.

Jek_Porkins1603d ago

That could go for any company, but if they say the words backwards compatibility, we're on the same wavelength.

The next Xbox will play 90+% of the same exact games as the next PlayStation, they will both be pretty similar in power, both will use key core exclusives (Halo, Fable, Forza, Gears/Uncharted, God Of War, Killzone, Infamous, both will mix a few new franchises in, both will have a camera and try to cater to every type of gamer.

So while I think you might not be happy with what MS has to offer, a lot of people will be, and I wouldn't take the end of this generation as a sign of what is to start the next. Even Sony broke out the casual games, and I'd say in 2012 Microsoft had a more core oriented slate of exclusives than Sony did.

Godmars2901603d ago

Except where Sony has shown consistent ability to create new IPs, MS hasn't.

And then there's to tired and old argument regrading Kinect. That MS have become overly obsessed with it while failing to deliver results. And now with their next system its not going to be a choice whether or not its used.

vet_medic1603d ago

Will be getting next Xbox but not earlier than 2015 unless they really will produce more exclusives

1603d ago
pete0071603d ago


MSFT keeps up on kinnecting cause it was a tremendus success,
sony would do exactly the same if they had anything similar, as they did with super CELL, bluray, the overpriced ps3, the "it only does everything", try to understand they are both in business, not gaming charity

stiggs1603d ago

First, we get a mature, balanced assessment of the anticipated offerings from MS and Sony by Jek_Porkins.

Then, we receive a follow up post by Edonus which delivered an accurate critique of the gaming community's reaction to unbiased opinions such as the one from Jek_Porkins.

Where am I ? This can't be N4G.

Apocalypse Shadow1603d ago

Let's make this simple edonus. what core game has Microsoft MADE and burned on a disc with all that money if you are an Xbox gamer who doesn't care for kinect?

How is it possible for them not to make games for 75-80 million games, but you expect them to put their all into a possible 1-5 million group of launch owners?

You might like kinect, others may not.

Remember, Microsoft MADE,not published as in Gears. as that is Epic's game.

stiggs1603d ago

Ideas, such as those from a typical fanboy (no offense to anyone in this thread), would put both Sony and MS out of business within a year.

I find it amusing that there are a multitude of people on N4G that think that they can run a multi-billion dollar media corporation better than the people that are currently in place. I have to laugh every time I read something like this:

"M$ got high jacked by the Sony press conference. They're scared."

"The Sony PS4 looks underwhelming. They're doomed".

"Stuff should be FREE."

I understand that the majority of people on N4G are probably passionate teens. But that is really no excuse for ignorance and senseless bombast?

indubitably1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Don't worry @stiggs, Jek_Porkins got more dislikes than likes, you are still on N4G.

Skips1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )


Lol, I like how whenever articles come up about Microsoft that aren't particularly positive. "Always On, Always Connected", Blocking Used Games, DRM, Kinect 2.0, Casual Focused.

Mostly from Edge, you know the guys who were practically SPOT ON with the PS4???

Hell even Microsoft themselves saying they lost their core or whatever and women are the NEW CORE. THEMSELVES saying they want to turn Xbox into a family friendly entertainment center etc. etc.

You say "bu buu buuuuttt!!! WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT DIRECTION MICROSOFT WILL BRING NEXT GEN!!! because they haven't announced ANYTHING YET!!!!"

But here you are, acting like everything YOU ARE SAYING is a fact.

Hilarious, JUST hilarious! XD

"I wouldn't take the end of this generation as a sign of what is to start the next."

In denial much?

"and I'd say in 2012 Microsoft had a more core oriented slate of exclusives than Sony did."

How so? Microsoft put out like 2 core exclusives that year where Sony had a few. (Just not their HUUUUGE franchises). And even so. That's like ONE YEAR out of like what? Five? lol

delboy1603d ago

But the ps4 has a camera too, and it is bundled, so that the DS4 with its light can function.
So it's a spy machine like xbox.

Godmars2901603d ago

Whether or not its required and/or bundled is still unconfirmed, but if it is - ITS A DEAL BREAKER FOR ME!

stiggs1603d ago

The CORE gamer...I hate that term. There is no difference between playing a "hardcore" game and a "casual" game on a console. In each scenario you are manipulating a game pad while sitting on a couch in front of a TV. The content may be different but the exercise is still the same.

If I was to label someone a CORE gamer it would be based on their knowledge, enthusiasm and the longevity of their experience within the gaming world.

As it has been said "90% of the games will play on both consoles" but you are putting all of the emphasis on the exclusives with make up about 10% of the other titles. For some explicable reason you're even excluding games not MADE by the console manufacturer in your argument.

For a lot of people, myself included, that 10% is not going to sway their decision to buy a particular console. Most are going to make their decision based on allegiance, price, availability, expectations and marketing.

Don't get me wrong, exclusives can be great.
I bought a PS3 just to play some of the Sony centric game tiles. But over the 5 years that I've owned a PS3 I've only bought about 10 games compared to about 80 XBOX games. The reason is that I just enjoy the XBOX ecosystem better than the one offered on the PS3.

Unfortunately, exclusives do not drive the industry and the idea that one company will succeed over the other due to said exclusives is just a fallacy. Obviously a monster hit will temporarily bolster the sales of a particular console but the real importance lies in the other 90% of cross-platform titles which make up the majority of the sales.

So you can just stop with the "they got no exclusives" rhetoric as it's not an accurate assessment of the situation.

Why o why1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

To stiggs

What it is is a big goalpoast shift. 3rd party games were always by definition just that meaning even at the beginning of this gen they were available to play on the ps3 too.

The term no games was rife here on n4g and that was because Sonys 1st and 2nd party titles were supposedly lacking in either number and or quality. Some people like myself remember that it was the exclusives that were the differentiators and the reason some chose one console over the next. Now fast forward 4 5 6 years. And now exclusives dont matter anymore and relying on 3rd party is now just fine. The evidence is easy to find if you only look or remember and yeah its silly but for many of us its all about exclusives and always has been.

The flip flopping has of course coincided with ms's 'preparation for next gen' or lessening of 1st party support to the rest of us so some of the goalpost shifters then included the more simple casual games like kinect games to pad their lists when the origins of exclusives were based on core games with the xbl titles like braid (at the time) and the likes being accepted too and rightly so.

At no point am I saying kinect games aren't true enjoyable games BUT the language used by most of us here on both sides when the wii was tearing up the place was that it was for casuals thus not our types of games...obviously games like mario and zelda and whatnot weren't classed as casual but the wii fits and other games of a similar ilk were. So now their own words are being used back on them.

Both sides have been hypocritical from rumble not being important to blu ray and hdmi not being important to x game chat not being important to exclusives.. goes both ways but we are gamers and in our silly fanboy fights we battle with GOTY's and graphics and exclusives and sadly sales. Some of us have to reap what we sowed.... cant change the goalposts now just because its suits.. thats bs

stiggs1603d ago

I appreciate the lengthy and passionate rebuttal. Unfortunately, I can't properly respond to your comment without surmising what you are trying to say.

Please use proper punctuation so that one doesn't have to speculate on your position.

rainslacker1602d ago

So to summarize all the responses(half of which didn't even address your comment) and to address your actual question, yes, MS idea of an A game IS THE SAME as some peoples, and MS idea of an A game IS NOT THE SAME as other peoples.

Subjectivity and opinions are diverse, and when it comes down to it, all that matters is what an individual wants.

Why o why1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

sorry stiggs I thought I done well cosidering im using a tablet.. Not the best so my apologies.

1. Exclusives used to matter to many of those who now scream they dont. (biggest western media and fanboy led notion this gen)

1a. can you imagine why they would change their tune?

2. BOTH sides are guilty of being hypocritical (that was me trying to show some degree of objectivity and balance)

3. Where was you when 360 fans used to say the ps3 had 'no games' and by games they meant exclusives 'triple A' (yuk) not some casual wii type games?

3a. Why would they be complaining if the same 3rd party games were available? (bonus points)

Hope thats a little clearer. Guess it was just easier to ignore what was said and complain about punctuation like none of it made sense well

Axe991602d ago

Lots of issues being discussed here, but the whole '90% of games' thing may or may not be the case, if MS doesn't follow Sony's approach of opening up to Indies and relaxing publishing requirements. If they don't follow this lead, then the difference in catalogues (outside of the back-catalogue of exclusives, which in the case of the Playstation brand is not negligible) will likely be more substantial than that.

Plus, don't write off the touch-pad in terms of allowing different styles of games to come over to console. It may or may not work out, but if MS doesn't have anything similar planned, it may be another point of differentiation in the available interactive experiences.

Either way, I'm sure both next-gen boxes will be great - but it may be a little early to assume they'll be that similar in game catalogues.

dcbronco1602d ago


If you want to start adding Indie games as exclusives then Microsoft has far more exclusives than Sony this generation. XBLIG has new games every day. There are thousands of games on there.

stiggs1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

"thought I done well cosidering im using a tablet".

Sorry kid, I stopped reading your follow-up response after that first sentence. I'm still trying to make heads or tales out of this mess:

"The flip flopping has of course coincided with ms's 'preparation for next gen' or lessening of 1st party support to the rest of us so some of the goalpost shifters then included the more simple casual games like kinect games to pad their lists when the origins of exclusives were based on core games with the xbl titles like braid (at the time) and the likes being accepted too and rightly so."

brave27heart1602d ago

The reason you have so many disagrees is you make a perfectly valid, balanced point about multiplatform games, then finish with a claim that in 2012 MS released "a more core orientated slate of exclusives than Sony".

Whilst you were stating your opinion you failed to back this up in any meaningful way, therefore I disagreed with you. Had you said "more core games that interested me" or listed Sony and MS "core" exclusives to substantiate your point I wouldnt have disagreed.

If you're going to make a commemt that it potentially divisive choose your words carefully or back up your opinions.

Why o why1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Ha ha. The auto correction isn't the greatest on these tablets. I contructed less than stella sentances and paragraphs and apologised but you deflected AGAIN.

Are you that much of a grammar nazi you couldn't read past the first sentence? Bit pretentious dont you think. I even put it in bullet points for ya and you ignored that too like you're my lecturer mulling over my dissertation. Lmao good stuff man. I dubb thee sir sidestep king of n4g grammar. Joker

Ritsujun1602d ago

My goldfish has information on Microsoft's next-gen Xbox. =O

CommonSense1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

You know you're on N4G because Porkins has 3 times as many disagrees simply because he didn't say "M$ is the shittiest company in hist0ry!!!"

This community is a joke. You're much better off on the r/games subreddit. And since N4G's contributors basically just camp Reddit for news and then post it here, you'll get information there sooner.

I'd also like to add that Sony has NOT "consistently brought good new IPs." They're just as guilty of milking their franchises as MS. They just don't sell as well, or have legs that are as long.

nirwanda1602d ago

Microsoft's A game seems to involve stopping most of the development of xbox 360 games and employing alot more staff for its studio's and getting them all to work on next generation projects for two years.
Don't believe me go and have a look for yourself first party has been quiet for a good reason over the last couple of years.
AAA games don't get built in a week.

Objective1602d ago

MS's A game is to be progressive in capturing a wider audience and expanding the gaming community. Your A game is the sad belief that only your version of 'conventional' gaming matters. Sony's A game is to retain people like you as fans and pray that cavemen do not evolve.

loulou1602d ago

lol @ the sony trolls.. gofmars, why o why etc. always the same faces and same nonsense that they have been writing for years.

why o why you must be a paid sony employee, surely. anyway, i will answer one of your nonsense rants about people saying the ps3 had no games at begining. it was nothing to do with their 1st and 2nd party games.

it was the fact that the 360 was with devs much longer than the ps3, thus meaning lots og games were being made before the ps3 had even launched.

also talking about people including kinetic games to pad their lists lol how sad are you? honestly. you write that rubbish with a straight face. only pathetic fanboys are worried about lists, writing them and comparing them.

get a grip kid

Why o why1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

'It was the fact that the 360 was with devs much longer than the ps3, thus meaning lots og games were being made before the ps3 had even launched.'

Lol. Really. Ok. That makes so much sense now why the some of the media, fans and ms spokespeople would say such a thing. I just prefer the other console yet own the 360 and the ps plus I was here back in the day talking crap then I calmed and reacted less got to know people..chilled. Got all the consoles but never forgot the crap that was spewed from ALL sides not just the ms camp to the point i even mentioned sonys fans hypocrisies too so for you to go on like the reason you gave was the only reason 'no games' was said is laughable.

Im not gunna lable you a kid cause I dont know you or care enough to start calling people trolls. Try keeping it civil even if someone speaks the stuff you dont like to hear alright mate. Sweet

Oh I wish sony paid my ass but Im nothing but a punter to them. They won't pay any of my bills if the s#it hits the fan .....its all about the games for me

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1602d ago

So Gamestop is very excited for the new XBOX... Seems to me that means used games will still be played on the console. Otherwise, I'd imagine Gamestop wouldn't be so excited.

Oh, and in before the M$ has paid off Gamestop.

Nilemonitors131602d ago

Their A game is another dose of gears halo and forza, maybe they'll bring back viva pinata, the have to bring their AAA game this time, people are already thinking about flocking to the Ps4, believe that, im going to ask an Xbox person to answer me these question. Will you still buy x box 720 if it still does mostly kinect? will you still buy it even if the Ps4 now has cross game chat? even if they just rehash the same ips? even if they keep charging to play online? I just need an answer from a true x box fan, and please tellme reasons to stay with x box.

BlackTar1871602d ago

Xbox side of the fence has turned in to a bunch of whiny babies. Jesus guys have some self respect.