The Persistent Troll of MGSV: Too Early To Rule Out David Hayter

All eyes seem to be on David Hayter, the man behind the iconic growl of Solid Snake since he was first given a voice in the original Metal Gear Solid. He released a tweet on TwitLonger explaining the situation behind Metal Gear Solid V and why he is not going to be the voice for this outing. Aside from the very obvious scrutiny that this is under for being put into the open on April 1st, there are a few other reasons that this could all be a lie and a furthering of the troll that began long before we ever saw the trailer for The Phantom Pain.

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Blacktric1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

We are talking about the guy who made everyone believe that Snake was going to be the main protagonist of Metal Gear Solid 2 until launch date.

This is just another Kojima/Hayter ruse.

Further confirmation;

The lipsync never matched for Japanese dub but it's a perfect near 1:1 match for Hayter's delivery.

He. Will. Be. Back!

Ace_Pheonix1997d ago

I love you so much for that video link, I could kiss you on the mouth. A bubble up will have to do though. I had given up hope until seeing that. The voicework with Kiefer was so awful that I'm sure it's just a stand in, but honestly I'd like them to use Hayter for GZ and then work Doyle in after his coma.

dbjj120881997d ago

Yeah honestly I feel bad for the guy. He IS Snake, so to lose the role people know him for after so many years is tough.

JonnyBigBoss1997d ago

I'm certain he's in the game.

ftwrthtx1997d ago

We will probably find out at launch that it was all a big hoax and he is still Snake.

Transporter471997d ago

Hayter doesn't need to be in the game. I know he will be missed but he this game is going to be awesome regardless of the voice actor, now if Kojima wasn't making it then that is a big problem, replacing a director compare to a voice actor is more severe.

Edito1997d ago

It's not just about a voice actor it's about personality too... u can judge someone personality just by hearting the voice sometimes... and for Snake that was a huge thing his voice + his behave etc it's all conected...

Transporter471997d ago

Maybe for me, hearing a new voice doesn't mean the entire character is going to be different, i played every single MGS on English, i heard the Jap Voice which i prefer, but that doesn't mean the character is going to change completely because of a different voice. So far from what i seen in the trailer im happy with the new voice and Big Boss, but maybe im more open minded about new changes as long as they don't change the way he looks or acts i'm fine with a voice change, who knows maybe it will better then hayter keyword Maybe.

Sideras1997d ago

There really is no reason to exclude Hayter, he stated that I loved the character and would do it for as long as possible. It would be one thing if he said "no I'm done, I wanna do something else".
And yes I'm sure the game will be great, but it will still be alot worse without Hayter.

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The story is too old to be commented.