EDGE magazine's 16-page GTAIV feature scanned

In the latest issue of EDGE Magazine Sam Houser sat down and discussed all things Grand Theft Auto, from 2D to Part IV. While the article is light on new details for the upcoming April 29 release of GTAIV, Rockstar president Sam Houser discusses everything from being the industry scapegoat to the occasional trials and tribulations of working with Ray Liotta. The eager community at GTAForums couldn't wait for everyone to get their hands on an issue of EDGE and have released scans of all 16-pages online.

The article proves very informative and spans the entire history of Grand Theft Auto. One obvious topic was the Hot Coffee scandal, but interestingly enough Houser describes that his real fear with the infamous situation wasn't a legal issue at all. "One of my fears when the Hot Coffee thing happened," Houser explains, "it was going to take this really beautiful piece of work and it was going to be known for something else."

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