We need more "Collector's Edition" games, not tin boxes

"As I was browsing Gamestop today, I noticed a ton of 'Collector's Edition' Xbox 360 games on their used shelf, which of course at Gamestop are all priced the same as the normal edition games, a good thing I suppose. My problem was that, there were loads of them; in some cases more than the standard edition of the game. What's going on here? I thought Collector's Editions were for… well you know… collectors or at least people who love the game they are purchasing. All the CE games I saw on the shelves had a tin box, a bonus DVD with some crap on it, and at the very most they were supposed to come with a figure (which Gamestop used games of course did not)."

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orange143694d ago

I wouldn't see why everyone wouldn't agree with this. ;)

Nevers3693d ago

I totally agree with the article. Personally, I'm done with Collector's Editions... Halo3's CE case almost killed the game and I've never had the inkling to watch the bonus discs from OBLIVION. Assassin's Creed was one of biggest CE disappointments ever with that horrible LITTLE Altair figurine and VERY VERY VERY LAME comicbook. The metal case for AssCreed was huge and some dumba$$ decided to put the good picture on the bottom of tin. Mass Effect had a good idea putting exclusive DLC in there but it still fell into the LAME category.

... so yeah... totally done with "Collector's Editions"

EZCheez3694d ago

Instead of adding measly crap for and calling it collector's edition for $10 more, games should be released as a collector's edition for a much higher price. But in exchange for the much higher price, more meaningful swag.

Somewhere along the line someone started to believe gamers cared in the frivolous crap posters, pamphlets with "artwork," lockboxes,and miniature figurines. That is not what real fans of a game want and thought those things packaged in with a game categorizes it as "collector's" edition. It doesn't.

I think publishers would find that more people would be willing to buy a REAL collector's edition if it included much more valuable swag, or even autographed material. I know DMC4 did that, but I'm talking more than 100 games. I'm talking every "collector's" edition.

Charlie26883694d ago

We have already seen publishers can at only 10$ bucks include very good goodies look for example at Prey that is probably one of THE (recent) most complete CE ive seen in a LONG time and in the other hand we have the crapfest that is the DMC4 CE that for 20 extras you get a disc with 4 episodes of the garbage that is the DMC anime, I think the second you recommend publishers to increase the price I guarantee you they will include the same level of stuff they included before, the same stuff they should be including now for more money or use the new trend Capcom used with garbage like there low res "digital artbook", ironically Lost Planet actually came with both a physical and digital version of it

mr_potato3693d ago

Yo dude i hope you never work for the gaming industry cause i find 60 buck + taxes to be a hell lot for a game and i dont plan on continuing to game if the prices go up.

orange143694d ago

The thing that hurts CEs the most is unecessary discs. If they want to put random discs in the CE they better put some GOOD collectibles.

PirateThom3693d ago

Tin cases are just horrible in every single way.

Satanas3693d ago

He didn't mention the DMC anime. If you're an anime fan, I don't see why you wouldn't get the DMC collector's. I did.

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