Fuse: 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Insomniac’s New Shooter

X360: Fuse is taking co-op play to a whole new level, but can Insomniac focus its energies and ensure it can build on what Gears Of War and Army Of Two have already done?

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Dailynch1881d ago

Really? I'm not so sure, it seems Insomniac hasn't managed to realise a lot of its ideas as well as it usually does.

RuleofOne343 1881d ago

I will still provide support just on fact that their stepping away from their comfort zone & trying new things, also many times it may take a game or two before all ideas & concept are perfected. JMT

isarai1881d ago

I REALLY hope this game does well, there hasn't been a good coop game in ages. Even the recent Army of two sucks ass, even compared to the last two in the series. doesn't even offer as much cooperative mechanics, just feels like playing a typical cover based TPS but with a partner

clintagious6501881d ago

They did a great job with co-op in resistance 2 but went away from the formula that made resistance 1 so great & is why resistance 2 wasnt as good. I hope they can do it right this time with this new franchise.

Grimhammer001881d ago

I'm day 1'ing this.
I have faith and also think they know there rep is on the line. Jumping to multiplatform - they need to prove themselves to the other half.

Also, I really hope that objectives change on the fly.
I might be wrong, but I believe that they said its not just a so co-op story. I hope it's similar to syndicate. Mission based replay. Just add dynamic objectives and it'll be better than many other co-op games!