Pocket-lint: Army of Two Review - Classic co-operative blasting action

Pocket-lint writes: "Essentially built around co-operative play, Army of Two is one for those that long for the days when co-op titles were ten a penny across all formats.

In this modern online age, such titles have the ability to be adored worldwide, even by gamers who don't find themselves living in a particularly gaming friendly part of town.

A third-person shooter at its base, Army of Two has all of the hallmarks of a classic. It's got the gorgeous looks, the powerful weaponry, and the potentially inflammatory storyline that could very well see it uttered about in the mainstream press.

The good: Multi-player is a mass of fun, easy to get your team mate to do what you wish

The bad: Short campaign, dull aesthetics, uninspiring level design

Verdict: A fantastic idea, that's let down by uninspiring design and aesthetics"

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