5 things Sony and Microsoft can learn from the Wii U

It hasn’t been a smooth ride for Nintendo’s Wii U. It’s premature to call the system a flop, but it’s undoubtedly been a disappointment thus far.

Sony and (presumably) Microsoft are gearing up to launch their own next-generation systems this year, and there's a lot they can learn from Nintendo's mistakes. Here are five of the most important.

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stuna11881d ago

How not to blow their load at launch!

Some don't want to hear it, but Nintendo should have had exclusive games hot off the press at launch.

If they would have done that from the get go, they would have been a lot further along than they are now.

Scenarist1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

pretty much what I was thinking aside from the more obvious.. dont gimp the systems next gen

edit: matterfact lack of launch titles did gimp the system

ShinMaster1880d ago

I guess they can learn what NOT to do.

Buff10441881d ago

There are bigger issues at play than anything Nintendo did or didn't do. I think Sony and Microsoft will storm out of the gates better than the big N, but once the hype subsides, all three publishers are going to be in trouble.

Hicken1881d ago

What are you basing that on?

dedicatedtogamers1881d ago

If anyone needs to learn anything from anyone, everyone (including Nintendo) needs to go back and re-evaluate what made the DS and Wii successful in the first place. No one seems to understand why those systems were successful (because they're not trying to duplicate it).

Nathaniel_Drake1881d ago

Why would sony do that when they are targeting different audiences?

DA_SHREDDER1881d ago

I think the big N will be alright, you haters will be eating your words one day.

stuna11881d ago

I'm not actually hating on nintendo, I'm just pointing out an obvious issue that needs to be addressed.

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mcstorm1881d ago

The way I look at it Sony don't need to look at Nintendo they need to look at them self's and see where it went wrong with the PS3 and not make the same mistakes again.

Microsoft Need to cerate the hype again of the 360 and give everyone a lot of killer games they gave everyone at the beginning of this gen but also have a good mix of core and none core games.

Nintendo now need to have a plan of what they are going to do to make the WiiU stand out against the other two.

I do think all 3 will have a successful gen and I don't think there will be a big gap between the best selling and lest selling console come the end of the new gen.

stuna11881d ago

I agree with everything you said.

LOL_WUT1881d ago

Agreed. Sony or Microsoft shouldn't even look up to Nintendo, as they have made nothing but bad business decisions. Instead they have themselves to look at to reflect on what they plan to improve as a whole and to move the company forward.

Which I might add may be a little too late for Nintendo to do at this point unless they drop the price ;)

Mustang300C20121881d ago

No the issues Nintendo have go beyond having exclusives for the console and having a exclusives don't guarantee any success now. Their online is just as sh*tty as the previous system. Gamers like their online and the 360 and PS3 provide it the way gamers want and the new systems will feed off what the current ones are doing. The Wii U is trying to ride off the tablet which doesn't provide the same response the wands did for the Wii. The Wii U is looked as a small upgrade and that is Nintendos big issue is recoginition. I remember people arguing consistently about this leading up to the launch and pretty much the issues we argued are the issues they are dealing with. Third Party Support. Crappy online. Tablet not a draw as people hyped it to be.

deafdani1881d ago

The Wii U's online isn't crappy at all, dude, and it's not comparable to the Wii's at all. Zero.

That "crappy online" statement of yours only shows that you haven't played online with a Wii U. Hell, chances are, you don't even own one.

Your other points have more validity to them, but the online one is just a lie.

Dj7FairyTail1881d ago

Nintendo IP are still strong.

Sony on the other hand are killing their IPs.
Studio closing and other stuff. That is why Sony
creates new ones to recover the old and dead ones.

Ace_Pheonix1881d ago

#1: Don't make shitty hardware
#2: Don't alienate 3rd party developers
#3: Don't cater to kids
#4: Don't cater to casuals
#5: Really, don't make shitty hardware

Dj7FairyTail1881d ago

#1: Don't focus on Specs
#2: Don't alienate japanese 3rd party developers but do to the Western
#3: Do cater to kids
#4: Do cater to casuals
#5: Really, don't make spec base hardware

dungeonboss1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

#1 Games
#2 Games
#3 Games
#4 ?????
#5 Profit!!!

That's exactly what Wii U hasn't had for the past 4 months. Oh, and explain to consumers what the hell the thing is. The only people that know what a Wii U actually can do are the people that own one. The Wii U is the most misunderstood, worst-marketed Nintendo console to date. Nintendo needs to fix that.

For example, many people still think the Gamepad is a "tablet"... haha

_QQ_1881d ago

One thing they can learn from nintendo is how to make a console that will actually last, ps3 has an average 3 year lifespan while xbox360 had a 60% RROD chance for at least 3 years after the console's release,the wii had no major issues like that. Thats pretty pathetic on both MS and Sony's part.

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